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The Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship - 'SURF' - enables undergraduate students to conduct 10 consecutive weeks of mentored plant biology research during the early part of their college career.

Eligibility:  SURF welcomes applicants from any size institution worldwide, including those following academic calendars not fully aligned with US norms. Ideally, SURF applicants apply during their second year of college. Others who are well qualified will be considered. All students must apply with the expectation that they will present their completed SURF research at Plant Biology 2013.  

Mentors:  Students must work with a mentor who is an ASPB member.  Brand new members are welcome! Students without plant biology faculty at their home institution may arrange to conduct research with a mentor elsewhere.  Mentor arrangements must be established prior to applying. Contact Katie Engen at ASPB early in the process and prior to writing the application if help securing a mentor is needed.

Funding:  Successful applicants receive a $4,000 summer stipend, a one-year membership in ASPB, and $700 (to the mentor or institution) for materials. SURF recipients may not accept another source of salary or stipend for this research.

Plant Biology 2013 (July 20-24, 2013 in Providence, Rhode Island) Attendance: 2012 SURF winners must submit an abstract and present their research at this ASPB annual conference. The early-bird student conference registration fee will be waived, although other conference fees will apply.  Each fellowship also provides $575 in travel support. SURF winners are not eligible for any other travel grant from ASPB. Students with extreme travel costs or who have very limited travel resources may contactKatie Engen to discuss potential options.

Applications:  Students and their mentors can apply online. SURF 2012 applications will be accepted from December 1, 2011 through February 24, 2012, until 11:59 p.m. (EST).  

Questions? Contact Katie Engen, katie@aspb.orgor 301-251-0560 x116.




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