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Quantum Collapse 2018-05-28
In quantum theory, quantum collapse is frequently used but not correctly used. In relation to quantum communication, it is often referred to th ...
Logic Paradox 2018-05-28
Here is a problem that may trouble you somehow. Do heavier objects fall faster than other objects? By logic reasoning, people will get the sa ...
Standing Wave 2018-05-24
Standing wave is a very strick wave that is hard to realize. So the hydrogen model can not contain standing wave. This is only a simple reminder fo ...
Unlimited Speed 2018-05-24
As for the fast speed current, there are many reference materials for this topic, and I recommend Mr. Zhang can go through the web to find the righ ...
Hello, Mr. 2018-05-24
I am happy with some old people like Mr. Jing not because he did right something but only for friend sake. For this reason, there are many people l ...
To Mr. Jiang Y.J. 2018-05-23
It's my pleasure to see you back again, and how are you? Are you all right? See you having solved k-Sat problem, this arouse my attention ...
The First Law Of Newtonian Physics 2018-05-07
The first law of Newtonian Physics, the inertial law of motion, can be inferred from the second law, therefore it is not a law by itself.
The Third Law Of Newtonian Physics 2018-05-07
The third law of Newtonian Physics is the law of action reaction forces. In inertial frame of references, it can be proved that it is a pair of for ...
Learning Language 2018-04-30
Reading comprehension is the most difficult part of all language skills. Although I can pass most language tests with perfect scores, I still fee ...


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