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Hello Folks, How Are You 2018-03-22
As you all know, I read every day to keep me informed, these include every type of sources and persons. You read more, the more problems you wi ...
Measurement Error, Very Good 2018-03-19
Having read this theory of new measurement by professor Ye, very good useful orginal theory. Thanks.
Quick, Good News 2018-03-14
  Few days ago, I read a news that the vice president of newly established china science and technology university, Mr. Wu, published a treat ...
Quantum Entanglement 2018-03-11
The news about quantum entanglement of more than 1000 kilometers for photons is not true. All of the claimed success quantum communications are act ...
3 X + 1 Proof 2018-03-11
As you can see from previous discussion: 1, No matter how many steps you go through, you will never     repeat any number you have u ...
Feynman 2018-02-25
Richard Feynman is a famous physics theorist, once ranked one of the top ten. His main contribution is his Feynman Diagram. As I read through m ...
Enthalpy 2018-02-25
Last time, I wrote about entropy. There is another physical concept in thermodynamics: the Enthalpy, which defined as       ...
Entropy 2018-02-22
Entropy is a concept introduced when dealing with heat (engine) problem. It is closely related to energy but not conserved. The thermodynami ...
[转载]Happy Chinese New Year 2018-02-13
Hello, everyone: Happy Chinese New Year.
Stop Scientific Crime 2018-01-28
Stop now before it's too late! (100 years versus 1 second) For details, see http://blog.sciencenet.cn/home.php?mod=space&uid=530158 ...


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