分享 [转载]用CiteSpace处理CSSCI数据(推荐个视频)
热度 1 2020-2-14 10:18
今天看到这个由 识字的拆二代 制作的视频,演示用CiteSpace处理CSSCI数据。
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分享 CiteSpace图谱范例
2020-2-13 12:01
A glimpse of the infectious diseases literature. Labels in white: cluster labels. Labels in blue: top two most cited articles of each cluster. Red stars: cited by NIAID-funded researchers. Created with #CiteSpace
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分享 刘则渊老师安息
2020-2-8 22:46
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分享 CiteSpace新图谱
2020-1-2 07:00
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分享 5种选择数据集的方法
2019-11-1 04:48
We compared the coverage of 5 ways of delineating a field of research. Chen C, Song M (2019) Visualizing a field of research: A methodology of systematic scientometric reviews. PLoS ONE 14(10): e0223994.
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分享 CiteSpace图例
2019-7-24 10:29
An overview of the literature on Citation Analysis: Topic search: Citation Analysis in WoS (1980-2019). Selection: g-index (k=50), LRF=3.0, LBY=5, e=3.0. Network: N=2,829, E=10,940. Q=0.8849. S=0.4086. #CiteSpace : 5.4.R4. Nodes in red: 5-year citation bursts. ...
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分享 CiteSpace 5.4.R1
2019-3-22 22:07
#CiteSpace 5.4.R1 is now available, including a few major performance optimizations with a much faster cluster labeling function.
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分享 CiteSpace 5.3.R10
热度 1 2019-2-4 10:21
更新内容: Projects Import Projects; List Projects; Edit Properties Term Labels Threshold 详见:
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分享 CiteSpace 5.3.R9
热度 3 2019-1-20 08:35
更新: CNKI CSSCI 新增: Dimensions Export (CSV)
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分享 CiteSpace图例 1-6
2018-12-24 07:12
图1. Data Import/Export CSSCI. 图2. Data Import/Export CSSCI. 图3. Data Import/Export Dimensions. 图4. Data Import/Export Dimensions. 图5. Analysis Structural Variation Analysis. 图6. Analysis Structural Variation An ...
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