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review: Introduction to Multiobjective Optimization:

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Introduction to Multiobjective Optimization: Interactive Approaches
Kaisa Miettinen1, Francisco Ruiz2, and Andrzej P. Wierzbicki3

Multiobjective Optimization, LNCS 5252, pp. 27–57, 2008.




   We give an overview of interactive methods developed for solving nonlinear
multiobjective optimization problems. In interactive methods, a decision maker
plays an important part and the idea is to support her/him in the search for the most
preferred solution. In interactive methods, steps of an iterative solution algorithm
are repeated and the decision maker progressively provides preference information so
that the most preferred solution can be found. We identify three types of specifying
preference information in interactive methods and give some examples of methods
representing each type. The types are methods based on trade-off information, reference
points and classification of objective functions.



Introduction to Multiobjective Optimization  Interactive Approaches.pdf



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