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(International Professionals for the Advancement of Chinese Earth Sciences,


中国地球科学促进会 IPACES 定于2015年6月27 至6月28日在南京大学举办“地球科学前沿国际研讨会暨中国地球科学促进会(IPACES)2015年会”。会议拟设地质微生物专题,欢迎各位地质微生物相关同行参加。

Geomicrobiology Conference in Nanjing, June 27-28, 2015


Microorganisms play essential roles in mediating geochemical cycles in extreme environments.

This special session aims to present new progresses in genomics, ecology, and biogeochemistry of bacteria and archaea from extreme environments including but not limited to:

·        hypersaline or high elevation lakes

·        hot springs

·        acid mine drainages

·        mid-ocean ridges

·        the deep subsurface of both terrestrial and marine regimes

We particularly welcome contributions integrating both geochemical and microbiological tools in addressing geomicrobiology questions

     ·        Patterns of community composition or structureof bacteria and archaea in different extreme systems

     ·        Ecological functions of unique organisms

     ·        Specific biogeochemical processes mediated by known or unidentified species of bacteria or archaea

     ·        Preservation of biomarkers in ancient extreme environments, which may reveal the function of paleo-        

          ecosystems or biogeochemical processes

     ·        Evolutionary pathways of the extreme organisms.

     ·        Microbe-mineral interaction and environmental consequence

This meeting is part of annual IPACES ( to be held in Nanjing University

Meeting web site:

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