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An analysis by Harris (2010) concluded there to be insufficient evidence to assert a causal linkage between any of 12 previously proposed causative factors and grassland degradation on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau (QTP). The current paper reviews post-2010 literature on grassland degradation on the QTP to explore whether any empirical studies provided definitive evidence of a causal linkage between these factors and grassland degradation, since a mischaracterization of the underlying causes of degradation among policy makers presents obstacles for current and past grassland management practices in the region. Privatization and sedentarization were identified as additional major factors. Climate change, small mammal populations, obsolete livestock husbandry methods, and overgrazing were not deemed to contribute significantly to grassland degradation in 53%, 38%, 85%, and 55% of relevant studies, respectively, while the conversion of QTP rangelands to agriculture was not found to meaningfully influence grassland degradation. This suggests that convincing evidences of causal linkage between these factors and grassland degradation on the QTP were found after 2010, and the most part views from Harris (2010) should be abandoned. In addition, the authors find that the establishment of grassland degradation criteria has not been properly addressed in the literature and suggest that these factors are fundamental for the establishment of best management practices across the QTP.



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