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Hermes Summer School in Materials Modelling

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Hermes Summer School in Materials Modelling

Hi there!

Hermes 2016 - a unique international summer school organised by PhD students from around the UK (Imperial College London, Birmingham, Sheffield, Cambridge) and abroad - will take place in July next year. It will bring together cutting edge materials modelling and world class science communication. It will also provide a networking opportunity and the chance to meet the invited speakers in an informal setting.

Our confirmed speakers on materials modelling methods are Prof. Kurt Kremer (Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research), Prof. Nicola Spaldin (ETH Zürich), Prof. Sauro Succi(Istituto per le Applicazioni del Calcolo).

Further, we have an excellent lineup of science communication speakers, including Craig Carter (Massachusetts institute of Technology), Piero Vitelli (Island 41) and Lulu Pinney(Freelance Infographer), with a key focus on presenting data in an effective and comprehensible manner. Hereby participants will learn the art of communicating science to a wide range of audiences - a skill of growing importance in both scientific research and in the public domain.

The event takes place from 27-31 July 2016 at Cumberland Lodge (a former Royal Palace located in Great Windsor Park, Greater London, UK). Applications are now open, with an early bird deadline of 28 February 2016. For more information see our video and our website

We would welcome any applications from early stage researchers that have a keen interest in materials modelling, science communication and would enjoy the one-of-a-kind atmosphere in the countryside with like minded people. If you have any questions, please contact us at

Best wishes, Hermes Team

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