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Ph.D. position in modeling catalysis at Univ. of Iceland

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Ph.D. position in modeling electro-catalysis at University of Iceland

Open Ph.D. position in Chemistry, Chemical Engineering or Engineering Physics at the University of Iceland in a group of computational and experimental electrochemistry, lead by Dr. Egill Skúlason, Associate Professor at the University of Iceland, see website:

The project "Fertilizer from air and water: From theory to experiments" was recently awarded a Center of Excellence Grant by the Icelandic Research Fund. The overall project involves density functional theory calculations, catalyst synthesis, electrochemical measurements and chemical analysis of products where a system is being developed for an electrochemical formation of ammonia from atmospheric nitrogen in an aqueous solution at ambient conditions. See references below. The overall project consists of several students and post-docs working on specific theoretical or experimental projects. Flow of information is required between the groups. The candidate advertised for this position here will do theoretical calculations and model the electro-catalysis.

This position is open for applicants with a background in modelling with DFT calculations in the field of catalysis, and preferably with experience of electro-catalysis. We are searching for an outstanding candidate for this position. Besides a strong scientific background it is important that the candidate has a good technical writing ability and verbal communication skills.

Please inform this opportunity to candidates that might be interested in applying. Applications should be sent to with the title: "Application for a Ph.D. position in theoretical electrochemistry". The application should include a CV, a cover letter describing why the candidate should be considered for this position, and a list of two Professors that have advised the student on his/her B.Sc. and/or M.Sc. research project and are willing to provide a letter of recommendation.


"Enabling electrochemical reduction of nitrogen to ammonia at ambient conditions through rational catalyst design", Y. Abghoui, A. L. Garden, S. Björgvinsdóttir, V.F. Hlynsson, H. ólafsdóttir, E. Skúlason, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 17 (2015) 4909

"A theoretical evaluation of possible transition metal electro-catalyst for N2 reduction", E. Skúlason, T. Bligaard, S. Gudmundsdóttir, F. Studt, J. Rossmeisl, F. Abild-Pedersen, T. Vegge, H. Jónsson, and J.K. Nørskov, Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 14 (2012) 1235

"Modeling the electrochemical hydrogen oxidation and evolution reactions on the basis of density functional theory calculations", 
E. Skúlason, V. Tripkovic, M. Björketun, S. Gudmundsdóttir, G.S. Karlberg, J. Rossmeisl, T. Bligaard, H. Jónsson and J.K. Nørskov,
Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 114 (2010) 18182

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