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[转载]PhD position - Modeling of silicon quantum bits

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PhD position: Modeling of silicon quantum bits

Quantum information technologies could lead to breakthroughs in computing and cryptography. In this context, research teams in France are presently developing an original platform for quantum information, based on the "Silicon on Insulator" (SOI) technology. Yet many aspects of the physics of silicon quantum bits (qubits) remain poorly understood, which complicates the interpretation of the experiments and the optimization of the devices. The main goal of the PhD thesis will be to address modeling and simulation of silicon qubits in order to i) make significant progress in the understanding of the physics of these qubits, ii) sort the existing options, and make recommendations for the design of SOI qubits, iii) demonstrate ahead of the experimental work the relevance of SOI technologies for quantum information. This thesis will be performed within the MAQSi project (funded by the National Research Agency) which gathers two theoretical groups that have unique capabilities in France on the simulation of quantum silicon devices, with the experimental group that is leader on SOI qubits. The PhD student will work at IEMN (Institut d'Electronique, de Microélectronique et de Nanotechnologie), in the theoretical group located in Lille.

Required level: Master degree (University or Grande Ecole)

The candidate must have a solid background in physics, material science and quantum mechanics. He will have to combine analytical and numerical theoretical studies, and will be interested in the development of the simulation software.

The PhD thesis will be done in the Physics Group of IEMN. IEMN is a joint Research Unit (CNRS, Universities of Lille and Valenciennes, ISEN, Ecole Centrale Lille) with large expertise in nanotechnology and nanocharacterization. Facilities comprise a top-level clean-room. The theory team has access to local and national computational facilities. Website:

Contact (PhD supervisor):

Christophe Delerue

CNRS Senior Researcher


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