wax philosophic是个什么意思?

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今天看文献,发现有一个词叫wax philosophic。查网络词典,没有看到确切的意思。


The Grammarphobia Blog: Let's wax philosophical.

In Anglo-Saxon days, the verb “wax” (with its archaic spellings) was often used to mean grow or increase. That usage is much less frequent these days and has a literary flavor. You might say it has waxed and waned.

类似的搭配还有 “wax eloquent,”和“wax sentimental.”这里的“wax”是“生长或增加”或者“变得越来越”的意思。

what exactly does it mean to be "waxing philosophical ...

Is there any other way you can "wax" as you do when you ...


“Waxing usually means someone has begun talking about something from a certain viewpoint, so waxing philosophical would mean talking from a philosophical viewpoint.”

“From a scriptural point of view anyway, the word "waxing" generally means "the process of becoming".  Meaning "becoming philosophical"... however, I could be totally off the mark here because you didn't give the context of the phrase, but this could be an explanation.”

“Waxing philosophical just means you are becoming increasingly philosophical as the discussion goes on.

“It just means when someone gives an opinion that is purely his philosophy. It's probably not a lie-but just one man's opinion given in a very philosophic way.  You dont hear that term used much anymore.”



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