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[转载]最声名狼藉游客的十个国家-10 Countries With Bad Tourists

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Wang Yingkuan

Beijing, China

May 27, 2014








The 10 Countries With Notoriously Bad Tourists


When you travel the world, like it or not, you are arepresentative of your country, and your behavior—good or bad—can reflect onyour nation as a whole.

That’s why, while we’re all for spontaneity, sometimesit’s a good idea to stop and think before you chug that eighth beer and startdancing in the streets.

Recently, we at Triposo conducted a survey to learn moreabout bad tourist behavior abroad. We asked respondents to confess to their owntravel sins—which included everything from stealing to public urination—andalso to report on the misbehavior of others.

We also asked them which countries they thought behavedthe worst while traveling. The answers might surprise you...


10. Brazil:A significant percentage ofrespondents felt that Brazilians were the most naughty of all world travelers.We’re betting that number spikes come World Cup season...

9. Italy: At number nine, Italydemonstrated a solid reputation for exporting tourists who are among the rudestand lewdest of all world travelers.

8. France: France tied Italy,with several respondents declaring their tourists the most likely to engage inrude or scandalous behaviors. Well, c’est la vie!

7. India: Also clocking in on the top 10.

India gives Franceand Italya run for their money as the worst-behaved country when it comes to travelers.

6. Germany'stourists aren't good at being tourists OR travelers.

Famous for its bier and brats and a popular touristdestination in its own right, Germanyhas drummed up quite the reputation for its citizens abroad, garnering manyvotes as the worst-behaved nation. (They’re also ranked high when it comes totravel-related complaints. Go figure.)

5. Australia: At any given time, a large proportion of Australians areout and about traveling abroad, which might explain their performance on thistop-ten list...

Along with Germany,Australiaattracted a large vote as some of the world’s most notoriously ill-behavedtravelers.

4. China: As the world’s most populous country, with 1.35 billionpeople, there are many, many Chinese travelers in countries across the globe.

Like travel-happy Australia, it’s hard to say whetherthis nation’s citizens are actually the most ill-behaved or whether there arejust more of them to go around... but the fact remains that many respondentsranked Chinese tourists as among the worst behaved.

3. Russia: Russia nears the top of the list when it comes to rude androwdy behavior abroad.

Many survey respondents considered Russians to be themost difficult (and drunk) travelers. And they don’t think much better of themselveseither, with 42% of Russians considering their own country the most ill-behavedwhile traveling.

2. United Kingdom: With a solid chunk of the vote for “worst behavior,” the U.K.certainly holds its own on our list.

British citizens are infamous for their bawdy barbehavior all around the world, especially when it comes to stag parties (theAmerican equivalent of bachelor parties.) Their terrible tourist manners arewell-documented, so it’s no huge surprise that our survey respondents rankedthem the second-worst.

1. United States:Surprise! Americans are famously bad tourists.

As the stereotype goes, they’re loud, rude, fat and makesome pretty terrible fashion choices (fanny packs? socks and sandals?) Butjudgments aside, are they actually the worst tourists?

Well, a whopping 33 percent of respondents (that’s almostthree times as many as the next-worst, Britain) would agree that Americanstake the terrible tourist cake. In fact, 44 percent of American respondentseven rated their fellow countrymen as the worst in the world -- and it’s notthe first time. Yikes.


·                                confess [kən'fes]video 

vt. 承认;坦白;忏悔;供认vi. 承认;坦白;忏悔;供认

·                                engage [in'ɡeidʒ]video 

vt. 吸引,占用;使参加;雇佣;使订婚;预定vi. 从事;答应,保证;交战;啮合

·                                spike [spaik]video 

n. 长钉,道钉;钉鞋;细高跟vt. 阻止;以大钉钉牢;用尖物刺穿

·                                reputation [,repju'teiʃən]video 

n. 名声,名誉;声望

·                                misbehavior [,misbi'heivjə]video 

n. 品行不端;不礼貌(等于misbehaviour

·                                chunk [tʃʌŋk]video 

n. 大块;矮胖的人或物

·                                bachelor ['bætʃələ]video 

n. 学士;单身汉;(尚未交配的)小雄兽

·                                naughty ['nɔ:ti]video 

adj. 顽皮的,淘气的;不听话的;没规矩的;不适当的;下流的

·                                stag [stæɡ]video 

n. 牡鹿;不带女伴的舞客;阉割过的雄鹿adj. 全是男人的vi. 不带女伴参加晚会

·                                proportion [prəu'pɔ:ʃən]video 

n. 比例;部分;面积;均衡vt. 使成比例;使均衡;分摊







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