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Savanna ecosystem and land surface modelling




We seek a postdoctoral research fellow to work in the area of Savanna ecosystem and land surface modelling.  The candidate will be engaged in dynamic and multidisciplinary team to work on an ARC funded program on “Australian Savanna Landscapes: Past, Present and future”.  The appointee will assess how Australian savanna systems function (carbon and water cycles) in the present, how sensitive they have been to past climate variability and how they may respond to future change.  This will involve identifying gaps in models used to project climate in savanna biomes and improve them to ultimately dynamically generate current, past and future savanna vegetation patterns and responses. A Ph.D. in climate science or ecosystem process or related discipline is necessary. Demonstrated research track record is required in ecosystem and land surface modelling. Experience in landscape modelling and model intercomparisons would be an advantage.


The position may be taken up at Monash University (Melbourne), University of Technology Sydney (Sydney) or Charles Darwin University (Darwin) Australia depending on the best match to skills and supervisors.  More information at <http://www.arts.monash.edu.au/ges/research/climate/savannafutures/> The research team includes Prof. Jason Beringer (Monash University), Assoc. Prof. Lindsay Hutely (CDU), Prof. Qiang Yu (UTS), Dr. Stan Schymanski (ETH Zürich), Dr. Vanessa Haverd (CSIRO),  Dr. Youngryel Ryu (Seoul National University), Prof. Stephen Higgins (University of Frankfurt), Dr. Ying Ping Wang (CSIRO), Prof. Matthew Williams (University of Edinburgh) , Dr Gab Abramowitz (UNSW).


Applications should include a cover letter, a curriculum vitae, description of research experience, interests and plans, and the names of three referees with contact details (phone, email).  Applications and further inquiries should be sent by email to Emma White (emma.white@monash.edu).


Applications received up until January 31 will be given full consideration.



Fixed Term – 3 years (12 months probation) Research Fellow (Level A) is $75,576 (includes 17% employer  superannuation).Enquiries to Professor Jason Beringer (Jason.Beringer@monash.edu)




Professor Jason Beringer

ARC Future Fellow


School of Geography and Environmental Science Room 210, Building 28

(Atmospheric Science, Maths, Geoscience) Monash University, Clayton,

Victoria Australia, 3800.


Phone: +61 8 9243-4243

Mobile: 0409 355 496


Email: jason.beringer@monash.edu.au


WWW(work):  http://www.arts.monash.edu.au/ges/staff/jberinger

WWW(climate group): http://www.arts.monash.edu.au/ges/research/climate

WWW(Cities): http://www.watersensitivecities.org.au/






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