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线性代数讲义 - 课程大纲

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Instructor: Yu Yi Email: yuyi2019@pku.edu.cn

Textbook: Introduction to Linear Algebra, Fifth Edition (2016)

Textbook open resource: http://math.mit.edu/~gs/linearalgebra/

All my lecture note is created by markdown editor Typora. I prefer you to download it from: https://typora.io/. This a simple but powerful editor helps you type in mathematics symbols and also you can use this to check my original files.

If you need reference in Chinese, I recommand this website:https://ccjou.wordpress.com/.


Part I

Lecture 1 Introduction of Linear Algebra

Lecture 2 Linear Equation

Lecture 3 Rules for Matrix Operation

Lecture 4 Gauss-Jordan Elimination and Factorization

Lecture 5 Vector Space

Lecture 6 Four subspaces of a matrix

Lecture 7 Orthogonality

Lecture 8 Determinants

Lecture 9 Basis (4.4, 5.3)

Part II

Lecture 10 Eigenvalue and Eigenvector

Lecture 11 Symmetric Matrix

Lecture 12 Positive Definite Matrix

Lecture 13 Simillar Matrix

Lecture 14 Jordan Form

Lecture 15 Linear Transformation (I)

Lecture 16 Linear Transformation (II)

Part III

Lecture 17 Complex vectors and Matrix(Shur Theorem P335)

Lecture 18 Markov Matrix

Lecture 19 Differential Equation

Lecture 20 High Dimensional Calculus



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