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IEEE 投稿与 arXiv

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我们之前投稿了一篇IEEE Trans. on Human-Machine Systems的论文,6月29号一审修改后重新提交。昨天收到主编通知,竟然因为跟我们放在arXiv上的版本相似,被拒了。我跟主编认识,从2014年起就是该期刊的副编,2018年还被现任主编选为Best Associate Editor,觉得这个理由很没道理,我们发表了50多篇IEEE Trans从来没有因为这个原因被拒的。就跟他说IEEE是允许预印本放在arXiv的:

Dear Prof. Kaber,

 Thanks for letting us know this. The work that has 66% overlap is our own preprint, posted on arXiv https://arxiv.org/abs/1912.01171. We submitted a similar version to the THMS, but not to any other journals. According to the IEEE policy here:



Does IEEE consider authors posting their articles on preprint servers or on their companies' web sites to be a form of prior publication, which may then disqualify the articles from further editorial consideration?


No. IEEE policy allows authors to submit previously posted articles to IEEE publications for consideration as long as authors are able to transfer copyright to IEEE, i.e., they had not transferred copyright to another party prior to submission.


It seems that it's OK to post it on arXiv. During an AE meeting of the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society last month, the VP for Publication also confirmed that it is OK to post an article on arXiv. I think the SMC Society would have the same policy.


In summary, the 66% overlap comes from our own preprint on arXiv, which should not count. Other than that, the overlap with other articles should be far less than 20%. Would you please take these facts and policy into account, and reconsider the decision? Thanks a lot!



Dongrui Wu


        As an editor, I am not comfortable with publishing work that is already freely available on-line. I see no sense in THMS paying ~$110 per copy edited page for something someone can access for free online. If you want your work to be considered for publication by THMS, you will need to remove it from the on-line archive. If you want to dispute my position on this matter, contact the SMC VP for Publications.

        当时觉得很愤怒,IEEE的政策是允许,你一个主编为什么凭自己的喜好随意拒稿。把文章重新投了另一个IEEE期刊,又跟SMC VP for Publications反映了:

Dear Prof. Herrera-Viedma,

I just got an IEEE THMS paper rejected, for having 66% overlap with our own preprint on arXiv (the paper was not submitted to any other journals). The details are in the forwarded email below.

I did not want to dispute with the EiC, and have submitted the paper to another journal. I just want to get clarifications on the following, so that we know the guidelines when submitting future papers to SMC journals:

1. Do IEEE, and the SMC Society, allow us to post preprints on arXiv? From this IEEE document https://www.ieee.org/content/dam/ieee-org/ieee/web/org/pubs/author_version_faq.pdf it seems fine. The IEEE CI Society also said yes.

2. Can an EiC reject a paper without review just because it is on arXiv?

Thanks a lot for your clarification!


Dongrui Wu


Dear Authors:

I have been informed that your prior manuscript submission can be further reviewed by THMS for potential publication, despite the extent overlap with your arXiv posting. In the event that you decide to make resubmission, please refer to your prior manuscript number and the work will be returned to the AE and reviewers who were previously involved in evaluation of the manuscript.

Contact me with any further questions.






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