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Studying the topology and drivers of networks has given us crucial insights about complex systems such as health16,17, ecosystems18, financial systems19 and our societies20. Network theory provides analytical tools to determine how such mathematical representations of systems can evolve thro ...
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2019-6-3 15:51
Many conflicts result from the way people interact with each other and with our planet1. Since 1992, a range of global initiatives have emerged to find a more sustainable and equitable solution to these conflicts. In 2015, the United Nations set a 15-year plan2,3, composed of 17 Sustainable De ...
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2019-6-1 10:48
今天在科学网博客看到每日翻译的一篇博文,进去作者主页之后发现有很多这样的文章,突然觉得这是一个解决记性不好的好办法,可以把每天阅读的文献中觉得比较重要的东西写下来,进行翻译,这样会加深对文章的进一步了解; The 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are set to change the way w ...
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今天听完博士答辩,有两个感想,写下来提醒自己: 第一,撰写博士论文的时候一定要想清楚选择每个方法或原理或其他内容的原因,这种方法的优点在哪里?选择它对自己的研究有什么帮助; 第二,答辩时当老师问到自己对自己研究结果做怎么样的评价类似这种问题的时候,应该怎样回答。这一点值得学习 论文创新:或 ...
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