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我只是论文的搬运工 2019.5.18 人工海草设计对海藻场水动力性能评估2

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The objective of this master thesis was to add to the knowledge of the hydrodynamics of seaweeds, more specifically Laminaria saccharina, the sugar kelp, to help future assessment of the hydrodynamic properties of seaweed farms. This was done by comparing drag force and behavior of two simplified blade morphologies, flat and undulate, both with uniformthickness. Even though seaweeds are subjected to both current and wave action, wave action was outside of the scope of this master thesis, and only steady, uni-directional flow was be considered.The experiments were conducted in the Marine Cybernetics laboratory at Department of Marine Technology at NTNU. The laboratory has equipment allowing for towing experiments. Two setups were use, one with only a profiled rod piercing the surface and one with a cylinder attached that allowed for dye to be distributed along its surface.The models were attached to the lower ends of the setups, and both blade and patch scale were considered. Two model sizes were tested for each simplified morphology.Due to high amounts of vibration and noise, the raw data was filtered before mean values and development of the drag force were presented. Underwater video footage allowed for some visual cues and behaviors to be observed and compared with the drag force.

这篇硕士论文的目的是为了增加对海草水动力学特征的认识,更具体地说,是Laminaria saccharina(一种海藻),以帮助评估未来海草场的水动力特征。通过比较两种在形态学上简化过的叶片的阻力和行为来实现的,即平叶片和起伏叶片,两者的厚度都是均匀的。即使海草同时受到流和波浪的作用,波浪作用不在本论文的考虑范围之内,只考虑稳定的定向流。实验在NTNU大学的海洋技术部海洋实验室进行。这个实验室有可以进行曳力的实验设备。使用两种装备,一种表面只有一根细棒,另一种表面上有一个圆筒,允许染料沿其表面分布。将模型附加到装备的下端,同时考虑叶片和群体尺度。对每个简化形态的模型进行了两种尺寸的测试。由于存在较大的振动和噪声,在给出平均值和阻力的发展情况之前,对原始数据进行了处理。水下视频片段提供了一些可视化的尾流与海草行为,可以将其与阻力进行比较。

参考文献:Design of Artificial Seaweeds for Assessment of Hydrodynamic Properties of Seaweed Farms


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