分享 锂电池单体过放电诱发内短路的电学行为
2018-7-24 18:22
Lithium-ion cells connected in series are prone to be overdischarged, which may induce internal short circuit (ISC). In this study, the electrical behavior of overdischarge-induced ISC in NMC cells is analyzed. The performance of 11 new cells is tested, and these cells are then overdischarg ...
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分享 锂电池等效电路模型的综合对比分析:精度、可靠性、鲁棒性
2018-7-24 18:19
An appropriate model is a prerequisite for accurate state-of-charge (SOC) estimation. The widely used equivalent circuit models (ECMs) employ a variety of forms; thus, to find the optimum ECM is a primary task for SOC estimation. In this work, we examined eleven ECMs to fulfill the following ...
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