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分享 GMT绘制站点分布图(详细又杂乱的)
2018-7-27 17:02
Linux系统下GMT5.4.4绘制站点图脚本主要参考GMT参考手册5.4.2最后设置部分 #!/bin/bash R=95/115/8/25 EOF6.5i控制图宽 -Jm1c表示使用墨卡托投影,地图上的1度距离投影到画布上为1厘米 -Jm1:10000000表示使用墨卡托投影,画布上的1cm代表实际距离中的100000 ...
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分享 注释多行
2018-7-27 16:13
方法一 :' 被注释的多行内容 ' 方法二 :eof 被注释的多行内容 eof 方法三 :! 被注释的多行内容 !
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分享 Extract specfic line from the file (写入文字到文档)
2018-7-26 23:22
将 export GMT5HOME=/opt/GMT-5.4.4 写入到 bshrc 中 ,可以应用到提取文件时做分割用。 echo 'export GMT5HOME=/opt/GMT-5.4.4' ~/.bashrc 提取行中同时有A1,A2,A3字符的行 for myFile in router.log.* do echo &nb ...
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分享 解算完成后的CLEAN
2018-7-20 18:42
CLEAN v. 9.85 2018/3/22 15:40 (Linux) This program is for viewing and editing GAMIT C-files. New features include: ...
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分享 国外论文下载-SCI论文
2018-7-20 13:49 选择学科-earth science-journal 查找DOI号,下载
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2018-7-12 18:58
3.3.4 RINEX-3 to RINEX-2 The RINEX-2 output version is 2.11 . Use the –version out or -vo command line parameter to define RINEX format version of the output file. gfzrnx -finp pots0070.15o -fout pots0070.15o_rx2 -vo 2 gfzrnx -finp POTS00DEU_R_201500700_01 ...
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分享 Extract a dedicated epoch interval
2018-7-12 15:41
To extract a dedicated epoch interval from a RINEX-file you have to provide a Start-Epoch via -epo beg and the Duration -d or -duration in seconds. Here an example to extract the first hour of a daily input file. gfzrnx -finp pots0070.15o -fout pots007a.15o -epo_beg 2015-01-07_ ...
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分享 track.cmd
2018-7-11 17:52
#Runwith-d356_19-w12501 * *ExampletrackcommandfileforprocessingSanSimeonData * *----------------------------------------------------------------- *OBS_FILE *Givetherinex ...
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分享 help file for TRACK
2018-7-11 17:32
TRACK:GPSdifferentialphasekinematicpositioningprogram Forfurtherdocumentation,see TRACKVersion1.27GPSKinematicpositioningprogram ----- ...
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