2021-3-25 16:59
0001−0017 Constitutive models and salt migration mechanisms of saline frozen soil and the-state-of-the-practice countermeasures in cold regions … YuanMing Lai, ZheMin You, Jing Zhang Abstract: A series of saline soil-related problems, including salt expansio ...
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2021-3-25 16:49
0329−0342 A review of the interaction between the cryosphere and atmosphere … YongJian Ding, JianPing Yang, ShengXia Wang, YaPing Chang Abstract: The interaction between the cryosphere and atmosphere is an essential and extremely sensitive mutual acti ...
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2020-12-14 12:51
0261−0271 Effect of debris on seasonal ice melt (2016−2018) on Ponkar Glacier, Manang, Nepal … Reeju Shrestha, Rijan B. Kayastha, Rakesh Kayastha Abstract: Supraglacial debris is widely present on glaciers in alpine environments and its dis ...
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2020-12-14 12:42
0189−0199 Dynamic behavior of the Qinghai-Tibetan railway embankment in permafrost regions under trained-induced vertical loads … Tuo Chen, ZhiJian Wu, YanHu Mu, Wei Ma, JianZhou Wang & ...
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2020-12-14 12:36
0125−0133 A modified numerical model for moisture-salt transport in unsaturated sandy soil under evaporation … WeiWen, YuanMing Lai, ZheMinYou Abstract: Soil salinization, caused by salt migration and accumulation underneath the soi ...
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2020-5-11 11:12
0059−0070 Thermal influence of ponding and buried warm-oil pipelines on permafrost: a case study of the China-Russia Crude Oil Pipeline … YanHu Mu, MingTang Chai, GuoYu Li, Wei Ma, Fei Wang, YaPeng Cao Abstract: Buried pipelines are widely us ...
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2020-3-20 09:43
0001−0011 Characteristics of permafrost degradation in Northeast China and its ecological effects: A review … ShanShan Chen, ShuYing Zang, Li Sun Abstract: Latitudinal permafrost in Northern Northeast (NNE) China is located in the southern margin of ...
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2020-3-20 09:37
0407−0418 Influence of proximity to the Qinghai-Tibet highway and railway on variations of soil heavy metal concentrations and bacterial community diversity on the Tibetan Plateau … Xia Zhao, JunFeng Wang, Yun Wang, Xiang Lu, ShaoFang Liu, YuBao Zhang, ZhiHong Guo, ZhongKui Xi ...
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2020-3-20 09:34
0335−0339 Origin and advances in implementing blowing-snow effects in the Community Land Model … ZeYong Hu, ZhiPeng Xie Abstract: Snow cover on the Tibetan Plateau (TP) is closely related to regional and continental biological and hydrological processes. The vast snow c ...
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2019-10-21 09:46
0257−0266 Influence of frost weathering on the recession of surfaces of technogenic landforms in Yakutia … Andrey E. Melnikov, Nikolay N. Grib Abstract: The article assesses the influence of permafrost weathering on the rate of destruction of technogenic land forms, as ...
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