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IEEE/CAA Journal of Automatica Sinica

Special Issue on Resilient Control in Large-Scale Networked Cyber-Physical Systems

Guest Editors

Xianghui Cao, Southeast University, Nanjing, China ( 
Giancarlo Fortino (Leading Guest Editor), University of Calabria, Italy ( 
Giuseppe Franzè, University of Calabria, Italy ( 
Giuseppe Maria Luigi Sarnè, University Mediterranea of Reggio Calabria, Italy ( 
Zhen Song, Siemens Smart Infrastructure, USA ( )

Aims and Scope

Recent advances in sensing, communication and computing have opened the door to the deployment of large-scale networks of sensors and actuators that allow fine-grain monitoring and control of a multitude of physical processes and infrastructures. The appellation used by field experts for these paradigms is Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) because the dynamics among computers, networking media/resources and physical systems interact in a way that multi-disciplinary technologies (embedded systems, computers, communications and controls) are required to accomplish prescribed missions. Moreover, they are expected to play a significant role in the design and development of future engineering applications such as smart grids, transportation systems, nuclear plants and smart factories.

As a consequence, the analysis of security issues has gained an increasing attention in the control community. In this perspective, a comprehensive classification of the most relevant cyber-attacks (Denial of Service, False Data Injection, replay and zero-dynamics), as well as their impact on the CPS security is essential. Due to their reliance on communication channels, intentional jamming and false data injections lead to undesirable phenomena that are categorized as cyber-attacks. The main consequence is that measurement and actuator data integrity and availability might be compromised with a significant degradation of the control architecture performance. Nonetheless, it is worth to underline that most of existing contributions focus their attention only on the detection problem, whose proposed solutions can be classified as passive and active approaches, leaving out the control countermeasures issue.

Then, the main aim is to develop resilient model-based control architectures able to provide adequate countermeasures in order to contrast anomalies on the plant dynamical behavior due to attack occurrences despite constraint satisfaction and disturbance/noise perturbations. The suggested topics of interest for this special issue include, but are not limited to:

· Secure/Robust Control Systems
· Networked and Distributed Control Systems
· Detection of Integrity Attacks
· Cyber-attacks in Smart Grids
· Denial of Service management in sensor networks
· Trust management
· Multi-agent configurations
· Internet of Things
· Applications in emerging domains (e.g. Internet of Vehicles, Smart Cities and Industry 4.0)

Submission site:
The journal's review policy is double-blind peer review (the submission should not contain any author-related information).


Deadline of submission: October 31, 2019
1st round of review: December 31, 2019
Comments to authors: January 15, 2020
Revision deadline: February 28, 2020
2nd round of review: April 15, 2020
Comments to authors: April 30, 2020
fSubmission of the final version: May 30, 2020



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