大家评评 杜立智 教授 的 p==np paper
2020-3-1 05:45
Prof.杜立智 of Wuhan University of Science and Technology has produced a paper that claims to show that p==np, a fundamental problem in computational complexity. He has been improving the paper for the past 6-7 years, at version 27 currently. The paper is not published in any SCI journa ...
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Consequences of the New Policies of Deemphasizing SCI papers
2020-2-24 10:06
Positive: Since SCI papers can no longer directly make money, those in it mostly for money may write fewer SCI papers. Those who do it for passion will continue of course. This will lead to more interesting research and higher quality. 2. &nbs ...
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Why I do not like the pay-to-publish model?
2019-4-8 09:52
I do not have money. Although I work for a univeristy, I do a lot of smaller, unfunded reseraches out of my own interest. So far I have been able to get them published without paying a dime. Getting my papers published free gives me a sense of pride: my work is valuable enough that a journa ...
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