Consequences of the New Policies of Deemphasizing SCI papers

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  1.       Since SCI papers can no longer directly make money, those in it mostly for money may write fewer SCI papers. Those who do it for passion will continue of course. This will lead to more interesting research and higher quality.

2.      It will promote more diverse research and projects, not just those that will lead to papers.


1.      The bureaucrats at universities will have more power and researchers have less. When SCI papers were basis of promotion and award, the originality and importance of papers are evaluated and decided by the reviewers and editors of these SCI journals. Now the power of judging is back to the department, college and university.

2.      The upward mobility is harder. When SCI papers were the king, a professor at a less prominent university can compete and move up by publishing more SCI papers (if one’s work does not require expensive instruments). But now, this route is more difficult.

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