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今天投必得学术继续给大家带来“SCI写作高频词、词组系列”,来总结一下SCI论文中“结果”(Results) 部分的词和词组。


  • 1. 研究结果的总结概括:对本课题所有结果的overview, 阐述与研究问题相关的结果和顺序。这里注意,千万不要重复阐述之前“材料与方法”中介绍过的实验方法部分。

  • 2. 每一部分结果的详细阐述:结果部分的描述顺序最好要与材料与方法部分、图片的顺序保持一致。这一部分首先是介绍做每一部分实验的研究目的。其次介绍研究结果,列出结果在哪些图片、表格中得到了体现与验证。接下来,描述本部分中的实验结果,再详细阐述本部分最具有代表性的重点数据结果。最后,如果有必要,对结果进行陈述性概括,但这部分不宜篇幅过长。


第一部分 研究结果总括

1. 总结概括类的表达方式:overview, large-scale, a large overlap, altogether, aggregating, as described above, in summary, combined analyses of data from,

2. 目的修饰副词的表述方法:functionally, freshly, publicly, highly, exclusively, simultaneously, technically, Specifically,

3.执行动词的表述方法:developed, interrogated, undertaken, enable, understand, widely implemented, visualized, trained, infer, currently used, predicted, extensively studied, treated with, determined, reverse, adapt, generated, targeted, pooled, delivered, assigned to, found, designed, transducer, obtained, require, shape, infer, profile, obtained, chosen, sought to, map, consider, filter, possess, disrupt, remain, recruited, scaled, successfully designed, summarize,

4. 花样“评估”的描述方法:examined, tested, evaluated, assess, investigate, calculated, counted, measured,

5. 如何进行“推断”:infer, reason, conclude,

6. 如何“采用”的描述方法:performed, applied, commonly used, conducted,

7. 如何“改变”的描述方法:alter, modulate, regulate,

8. 各个角度进行“观察”:observed, detected, found, seen, detectable,

9. 特征名词的表述方法:exceptional response, sensitivity, specificity, vulnerabilities, classification, aberrations, variable importance, measurement, accessibility, with high fidelity, alternations, annotation, patterning, complexity,

10. 特征形容词的表述方法:predictive, sensitive, insufficient, histologic, functional, unbiased, elevated, available, selective, dispersed, normalized and differentially expressed, informative, potentially effective, highly sensitive to, comparable, independent, noticeable, sound, regulatory, repressive, robust, promising, confirmed,

11. “基于/来源”的表述方法:derive from, based on, underlying, obtained from,

12.“共同”的表示方法:shared, common,

13. 各自的表示方法:individually, respectively,

14.“举个例子”的举例:as an example, for example, such as,

第二部分 统计数据的表述方式

1.有统计学意义的表述:significance, significant, pronounced, significantly, statistical, statistically significant

2.有“联系”的表述方法:correlation, associated with, a clear relation, a correlation with, these associations,

3.“脱离联系”的表述方法:dissociated from,

4. 阈值相关的表达方式:set a cutoff,

5. 影响因素、特征的表述方法:factors, features, characteristics, components,

6. 连接词的表述方法

–顺序:as well as; either ...or, neither...nor, thus, then, also, therefore,

–转折:however, nevertheless, since, while, whereas, in contrast,

–递进:moreover, furthermore, in addition, additionally, further, first, next, finally,

7. 增加/减少的表示方法:increased, elevated, decreased, induced, rescued, minimize,

8. 常见的统计描述方法:fold change, p-value, adjust P value,

9. 统计质控的描述方法:after quality control exclusions, remove batch effect


1. 根据期刊的格式,图表的多种表达形式来描述图表结果。 这里注意一点,在有些期刊的格式中,Figure或者Table,在引述时需要字体加黑。           

– 全称:

  • 一张图:Figure 2

  • 多个图:Figures 2A, 2B, 或者 Figures 2A-B

  • 补充材料图:Figures S2A, S2B, 或者 Figures S2A-B

  • 一张表:Table 1

  • 补充材料表:Table S1, Supplementary Table 5

– 缩写:

  • 图片:Fig. 1A, Supplementary Fig. 1, Fig. S1

2. 阳性结果的相关描述:mixing experiment, the remain two modules, among the three predominant modules, a search of; analyses using ... data,

3. 阴性结果的相关描述:fail to,

4. 代表性数据的相关描述:these fingdings, these results suggest that, these experiments, further studies, in the analyses of data from; summarize the results,

5. 重要结果阐述标志词:interestingly, surprisingly, indeed, importantly, more broadly, highlight, primarily, notably, remarkably,

6.“说明,认为”的表述方法:demonstrating, show, suggest, displayed, revealed, reflect, exhibit, hinted, appeared to,

7. 实验结果的多种表达形式:these findings, these results, these experiments, these models,

8. 承上启下,“作为进一步研究”:selected for further investigation, further studies, further exploration, subsequent analysis,

9.“符合条件”的表示方法: met the above criteria, usethe following criteria,

第四部分 其他

1.研究目的:according to, for this, as might be expected, due to,

2.研究目的的提示词:to study, to investigate, to verify, to cross-check, to initially test, to eliminate the likelihood of; to further prioritize ..., given its potential involvement, to determine, to further distinguish the function of, to test whether, to understand, to select,

3.根据以往研究的描述:as previously described, is similar to previously published ..., has been previously reported, described previously, had previously found evidence of association

4.符合预期的描述方法:as expected, be expected to,

5.“与……一致/兼容”的表述方法:consistent with, compatible with, large similarities, similar to, match with, consistently,

6.各种“验证”的表述方法:validated, identified, indicate,

7.“快速”的表述方法:rapid, dramatic,

8.“整合”的表述方法:interrogation, comprehensive,

9.“框架”的整体观:framework, pipeline, overview,

10.“包含/不包含”的几种表述方法:containing, including, excluded from; ranged from A to B; be composed of, consist of, included, recruited,











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