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    中华人民共和国国家情报法(草案)征求意见 2017-05-17
    I realized it wasn't in my place to comment on Chinese law since I do not have any experience with law enforcement community since I left China i ...
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    Unconnected does NOT mean independent nor inter-dependent .. 2017-05-14
    When a complex system behaves chaotic and irrational, not following its designed constraints,  how users find ways to discern many pressure poin ...
    非清华才女为何服气改嫁? 2017-05-11
    The good news is She is happy with her growing family and famed husband ( who won Nobel Prize and its glory must be shared among four children with h ...
    [转载]Who might be the next Elephant in the room ? 2017-05-10
    haha... I am simply amazed at reporting techniques.  TITLE page is everything! 3 min. attention separates 吃瓜的,种瓜的,卖瓜的 和 偷瓜换种 的 ...
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