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    [转载]Petar Grujic - the most erudite scholar on RG 2017-03-31 I am sipping thru all of his publications... with God's help.
    [转载]“一带一路”译法刍议 2017-03-25
    source: Why this proposal hasn't caught much attention?  I DO like the ...
    与黄灿然对擂:永远背叛 “到此为止” —— 同英谐译。 2017-03-22
    Today I read  黄灿然 先生 的 翻译 (rendition)  “到此为止” ( "Winding Up" by Derek Walcott).  I find it most interestin ...
    Nemero Cinq / Douglas Glover - best kept secret Lit. Magazin 2017-03-20
    Date: Sat, 18 Mar 2017 12:25:05 -0400 From: Numéro Cinq <> To: ME Subject: Re: production editor or Contst(s) Ma ...
    [转载]語言間的縫隙 2017-03-17 ...
    [转载]漸近線 季刊 文汇 精选 机不可失 时不再莱 尓德! 2017-03-16
    #5 #1 ...
    [转载] patents 1st DNA method authenticate mouse cell line 2017-03-07 In other news, I start a new project ...
    take wild guesses on French rap lyrics ? 2017-02-23 this is a long time friend's music page.  I had two years of French classes during my college days ...



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