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Nature Communications:黑种草假蜜腺的形态、分子和生态学研究
2020-4-20 13:30
The morphology, molecular development and ecological function of pseudonectaries on Nigella damascena (Ranunculaceae) petals First author: Hong Liao ; Affiliations: CAS Institute of Botany ( 中科院植物所 ): Beijing, China Corresponding ...
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2020-4-19 09:35
Building customizable auto-luminescent luciferase-based reporters in plants First author: Arjun Khakhar ; Affiliations: University of Minnesota ( 明尼苏达大学 ): Minneapolis, USA Corresponding author: Daniel F Voytas Bioluminescence is ...
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Nature Plants:拟南芥中一个shoot-to-root的移动蛋白调控根的生物钟
2020-4-18 10:18
A mobile ELF4 delivers circadian temperature information from shoots to roots First author: Wei Wei Chen ; Affiliations: 农业基因组学研究中心 ( Centre for Research in Agricultural Genomics ): Barcelona, Spain Corresponding author: Paloma Mas ...
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EMBO Journal:番茄驯化过程中作用于耐盐性丢失的关键基因
2020-4-17 09:13
Loss of salt tolerance during tomato domestication conferred by variation in a Na + /K + transporter First author: Zhen Wang ; Affiliations: CASCenter of Excellence in Molecular Plant Sciences ( 中科院上海植物逆境生物学研究中心 ): Shang ...
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2020-4-16 07:41
Peptide signaling for drought-induced tomato flower drop First author: S. Reichardt ; Affiliations: University of Hohenheim ( 霍恩海姆大学 ): Stuttgart, Germany Corresponding author: A. Schaller The premature abscission of flowers and f ...
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Nature Plants:腋生分生组织成熟抑制因子促进开花植物长寿
2020-4-15 08:10
A suppressor of axillary meristem maturation promotes longevity in flowering plants First author: Omid Karami ; Affiliations: Leiden University ( 莱顿大学 ): Leiden, the Netherlands Corresponding author: Remko Offringa Post-embryonic d ...
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Communications Biology:普通野生稻基因组揭示水稻驯化的基因组基础
2020-4-14 10:17
SMRT sequencing of the Oryza rufipogon genome reveals the genomic basis of rice adaptation First author: Wei Li ; Affiliations: South China Agricultural University ( 华南农业大学 ): Guangzhou, China Corresponding author:  ...
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2020-4-13 09:23
Genome sequence and comparative analysis of Colletotrichum gloeosporioides isolated from Liriodendron leaves First author: Fang-Fang Fu ; Affiliations: Nanjing ForestryUniversity (南京林业 大学 ): Nanjing , China Correspond ...
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Nature Genetics:大豆驯化过程中控制开花时间变异基因受到的选择
2020-4-12 08:42
Stepwise selection on homeologous PRR genes controllingflowering and maturity during soybean domestication First author: Sijia Lu ; Affiliations: Guangzhou University ( 广州大学 ): Guangzhou, China Corresponding author: Fanjiang Kong  ...
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2020-4-11 14:40
Aplant genetic network for preventing dysbiosis inthe phyllosphere First author: Tao Chen ; Affiliations: Michigan State University ( 密西根州立大学 ): East Lansing, USA Corresponding author: Sheng Yang He The aboveground p ...
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