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Nature Communications:生长素和细胞分裂素通路交联组分SYAC1基因鉴定
2020-5-3 10:03
SYNERGISTIC ON AUXIN AND CYTOKININ 1 positively regulates growth and attenuates soil pathogen resistance 第一作者 : Andrej Hurny 第一单位 : 奥地利科学技术研究院 通讯作者 : Eva Benková Abstract ...
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Horticulture Research:转录+代谢揭示类胡萝卜素作用于北美鹅掌楸的花瓣着色
2020-5-2 21:29
Transcriptome analysis and metabolic profiling reveal the key role of carotenoids in the petal coloration of Liriodendron tulipifera 第一作者 : Zhaodong Hao 第一单位 : 南京林业大学 通讯作者 : Jinhui C ...
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Nature:植物22-nt siRNA介导翻译抑制与胁迫适应
2020-5-1 09:48
Plant 22-nt siRNAs mediate translational repression and stress adaptation 第一作者 : Huihui Wu 第一单位 : 南方科技大学 通讯作者 : Hongwei Guo Abstract 背景回顾 : Small interfering RNAs (siRNAs) are e ...
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Molecular Plant:“舒茶早”茶树基因组
2020-4-30 08:08
The reference genome of tea plant and resequencing of 81 diverse accessions provide insights into genome evolution and adaptation of tea plants 第一作者 : Enhua Xia 第一单位 : 安徽农业大学 通讯作者 : Xiaochun Wan ...
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Nature Biotechnology:植物自发光系统开发
2020-4-29 10:13
Plants with genetically encoded autoluminescence 第一作者 : Tatiana Mitiouchkina 第一单位 : Planta LLC 通讯作者 : Moscow, Russia Abstract Autoluminescent plants engineered to express a bac ...
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2020-4-28 11:17
Intertwined signatures of desiccation and drought tolerance in grasses 第一作者 : Jeremy Pardo 第一单位 : 密歇根州立大学 通讯作者 : Robert VanBuren Abstract 背景回顾 : Grasses are among the most ...
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Current Biology:拟南芥叶片中胞间连丝介导生长素转运
2020-4-27 08:10
Directionality of Plasmodesmata-Mediated Transport in Arabidopsis Leaves Supports Auxin Channeling 第一作者 :Chen Gao 第一单位 :西北农林科技大学 通讯作者 :Johannes Liesche Abstract 背景回顾 :The plant hormone auxin serves as ...
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Nature Communications:光信号与独脚金内酯信号共同作用于植物分枝的分子机制
2020-4-26 08:12
Arabidopsis FHY3 and FAR1 integrate light and strigolactone signaling to regulate branching First author: Yurong Xie; Affiliations:CAASBiotechnology Research Institute(农科院生物技术所):Beijing, China Corresponding author: Haiyang W ...
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Nature Communications:苔藓植物中一个类菌根基因作用于干细胞和配子体发育
2020-4-25 08:41
A mycorrhizae-like gene regulates stem cell and gametophore development in mosses First author: Shuanghua Wang ; Affiliations: CAS Kunming Institute of Botany ( 中科院昆明植物所 ): Kunming, China Corresponding author: Jinling Huang ...
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2020-4-24 17:29
ETHYLENE INSENSITIVE 3 suppresses plants de novo root regeneration from leaf explants and mediates age-regulated regeneration decline First author: Hong Li ; Affiliations: Nanjing Normal University ( 南京师范大学 ): Nanjing, China Correspo ...
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