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分享 Nature Genetics:玉米纹枯病抗性基因ZmFBL41鉴定
2019-10-2 16:04
Natural variation in ZmFBL41 confers banded leaf and sheath blight resistance in maize First author: Ning Li ; Affiliations: Shandong Agricultural University (山东农业大学) : Taian, China C orresponding author: Zhaohui Chu&nbs ...
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分享 Nature Genetics:红苞凤梨基因组
2019-10-1 15:15
The bracteatus pineapple genome and domestication of clonally propagated crops First author: Li-Yu Chen ; Affiliations: Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University (福建农林大学) : Fuzhou,China C orresponding author: Ray Ming ...
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分享 Molecular Plant:植物阴影诱导的成花转变分子调控机制
2019-9-30 15:00
A PIF7-CONSTANS-Centered Molecular Regulatory Network Underlying the Shade-Accelerated Flowering First author: Renshan Zhang ; Affiliations: Fudan University (复旦大学) : Shanghai,China C orresponding author: Lin Li To compet ...
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分享 Plant Cell:PC推荐~WP1调控苜蓿花瓣中的类胡萝卜素积累
2019-9-29 19:03
Mellowed Yellow: WHITE PETAL1 Regulates Carotenoid Accumulation in Medicago Petals Author: Philip Carella; Affiliations: University of Cambridge (剑桥大学) : Cambridge, UK Carotenoids are tetraterpenoid (C40) lipophilic compounds that are widely distribu ...
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分享 The EMBO Journal:植物木质素沉积结构作用于病原菌侵染控制
2019-9-28 08:13
Lignin‐based barrier restricts pathogens to the infection site and confers resistance in plants First author: Myoung‐Hoon Lee ; Affiliations: Korea University (高丽大学) : Seoul, Korea Corresponding author: Ohkmae K Park Pathogenic ...
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分享 Current Biology:拟南芥花粉管精确递送及释放精细胞
2019-9-27 15:04
LLG2/3 Are Co-receptors in BUPS/ANX-RALF Signaling to Regulate Arabidopsis Pollen Tube Integrity First author: Zengxiang Ge; Affiliations: Peking University (北京大学) :Beijing ,China Corresponding author: Li-Jia Qu In angiosperms, t ...
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分享 Molecular Plant:WD40/MYB/bHLH复合物控制高粱对鸟类取食的抗拒/迎合
2019-9-26 18:29
Control of Bird Feeding Behavior by Tannin1 through Modulating the Biosynthesis of Polyphenols and Fatty Acid-Derived Volatiles in Sorghum First author: Peng Xie; Affiliations: CASInstitute of Genetics and Developmental Biology (中科院遗传与发 ...
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分享 Current Biology:地钱中营养生长向生殖生长转变的分子调控机制
2019-9-25 15:12
An Early Arising Role of the MicroRNA156/529- SPL Module in Reproductive Development Revealed by the Liverwort Marchantia polymorpha First author: Masayuki Tsuzuki ; Affiliations: The University of Tokyo (东京大学) : Tokyo,Japan C orr ...
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分享 Nature Genetics:应用大规模基因组学提高面包小麦产量、抗逆性和品质
2019-9-24 16:43
Improving grain yield, stress resilience and quality of bread wheat using large-scale genomics First author: Philomin Juliana ; Affiliations: International Maize And Wheat Improvement Center (国际玉米小麦改良中心) : Texcoco, Mexico Corresponding author: ...
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分享 Plant Physiology:木葡聚糖和微管协同维持分生组织几何形状和叶序
2019-9-23 15:02
Xyloglucans and microtubules synergistically maintain meristem geometry and phyllotaxis First author: Feng Zhao; Affiliations: INRA (法国国家农业科学研究院) : Lyon,France Corresponding author: Jan Traas The shoot apical meristem (SAM ...
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