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分享 Molecular Plant:O-岩藻糖转移酶SPY作用于植物生物钟的调控
2020-1-1 19:01
Nuclear Localized O-fucosyltransferase SPY Facilitates PRR5 Proteolysis to Fine-tune the Pace of Arabidopsis Circadian Clock First author: Yan Wang ; Affiliations: CASInstitute of Botany (中科院 植物所 ): Beijing, China Corresponding author: ...
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分享 Nature Ecology & Evolution:植物区域适应和根部微生物群落变异的驱动因素
2019-12-31 17:46
Root microbiota assembly and adaptive differentiation among European Arabidopsis populations First author: Thorsten Thiergart ; Affiliations: Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research ( 马普植物育种研究所 ): Cologne, Germany Corresponding author: &n ...
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分享 Molecular Plant:植物HDA9和WRKY53互作调节胁迫响应
2019-12-30 17:35
Histone deacetylase HDA9 and transcription factor WRKY53 are mutual antagonists in regulation of plant stress response First author: Yu Zheng ; Affiliations: Jianghan University ( 江汉大学 ) : Wuhan , China C orresponding author: Dao-Xiu Zho ...
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分享 Nature Genetics:普通菜豆大规模种质资源重测序
2019-12-29 18:16
Resequencing of 683 common bean genotypes identifies yield component trait associations across a north–south cline First author: Jing Wu ; Affiliations: CAAS Institute of Crop Sciences ( 农科院作物所 ): Beijing, China Corresponding author: Shumin ...
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分享 Developmental Cell:拟南芥受体激酶IRK在根发育过程中抑制特定细胞的分裂
2019-12-28 18:20
The Arabidopsis Receptor Kinase IRK Is Polarized and Represses Specific Cell Divisions in Roots First author: Roya Campos ; Affiliations: University of California, Riverside ( 加州大学河滨分校 ) : Riverside, USA C orresponding author: Jaimi ...
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分享 Current Biology:猴面花群体中的杂交种子弱势与生殖隔离
2019-12-27 19:38
Patterns of Hybrid Seed Inviability in the Mimulus guttatus sp. Complex Reveal a Potential Role of Parental Conflict in Reproductive Isolation First author: Jenn M. Coughlan ; Affiliations: Duke University ( 杜克大学 ): Durham, USA Correspon ...
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分享 PNAS:TMO5/LHW在维管植物演化过程中的新功能化
2019-12-26 19:01
Evolution of vascular plants through redeployment of ancient developmental regulators First author: Kuan-Ju Lu ; Affiliations: Wageningen University ( 瓦赫宁根大学 ) : Wageningen, The Netherlands C orresponding author: Bert De Rybel ...
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分享 Nature Biotechnology:适用于城市栽培的茄科作物快速定制化
2019-12-25 18:02
Rapid customization of Solanaceae fruit crops for urban agriculture First author: Choon-Tak Kwon ; Affiliations: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory ( 冷泉港实验室 ) : NY, USA C orresponding author: Zachary B. Lippman Cultivation of crop ...
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分享 PNAS:玉米异三聚体G蛋白β亚基作用于分生组织发育和免疫响应
2019-12-24 18:22
The maize heterotrimeric G protein β subunit controls shoot meristem development and immune responses First author: Qingyu Wu ; Affiliations: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory ( 冷泉港实验室 ): NY, USA Corresponding author: David Jackson Hete ...
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分享 Horticulture Research:油柿基因组(补2019.12.23)
2019-12-24 18:21
The persimmon ( Diospyros oleifera Cheng) genome provides new insights into the inheritance of astringency and ancestral evolution First author: Qing-gang Zhu ; Affiliations: CAAS Zhejiang University ( 浙江大学 ) : Hangzhou, China C orrespon ...
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