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the plant journal:短柄草的ABA受体家族基因功能非冗余
2017-10-18 09:00
Non-redundant functions of the dimeric ABA receptor BdPYL1 in the grass Brachypodium First author: Oded Pri-Tal ; Affiliations: The Hebrew University of Jerusalem ( 耶路撒冷希伯来大学 ): Rehovot, Israel Corresponding author: Assaf Mosquna Abiotic stresse ...
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Plant Biotechnol J:GT-1顺式元件参与水稻生物及非生物胁迫响应
2017-10-17 08:30
OsASR2 regulates the expression of a defence-related gene, Os2H16 , by targeting the GT-1 cis -element First author: Ning Li ; Affiliations: Shandong Agricultural University ( 山东农业大学 ): Shandong, China Corresponding author: Zhaohui Chu ( 储昭辉 ) ...
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Nature Plants:木聚糖取代的偶数模式对于其与纤维素互作的作用
2017-10-16 09:30
An even pattern of xylan substitution is critical for interaction with cellulose in plant cell walls First author: Nicholas J. Grantham ; Affiliations: University of Cambridge ( 剑桥大学 ): Cambridge , UK Corresponding author: Paul Dupree Xylan (木聚糖) a ...
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Plant Physiology:叶片和植株年龄影响植物光合性能及光合保护
2017-10-15 08:44
Leaf and plant age affects photosynthetic performance and photoprotective capacity First author: Ludwik Wiktor Bielczynski ; Affiliations: VU University Amsterdam ( 阿姆斯特丹自由大学 ): Amsterdam , Netherlands Corresponding author: Roberta Croce In this ...
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Plant Cell:纳米孔测序技术从头组装番茄基因组
2017-10-14 09:12
De novo Assembly of a New Solanum pennellii Accession Using Nanopore Sequencing First author: Maximilian HW Schmidt ; Affiliations: RWTH Aachen University ( 亚琛工业大学 ): Aachen, Germany Corresponding author: Bjoern Usadel Updates in nanopore technology ( ...
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Tree Physiology:杨树木材形成相关蛋白-蛋白互作及蛋白-DNA互作
2017-10-13 08:39
Identification of new protein–protein and protein–DNA interactions linked with wood formation in Populus trichocarpa First author: H. Earl Petzold ; Affiliations: Virginia Tech ( 弗吉尼亚理工大学 ): Blacksburg , USA Corresponding author: Amy M Brunner Cell ...
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J EXP BOT:番茄果实着色变异分子基础
2017-10-12 08:50
Green-fruited Solanum habrochaites lacks fruit-specific carotenogenesis due to metabolic and structural blocks First author: Himabindu Vasuki Kilambi ; Affiliations: University of Hyderabad ( 海得拉巴大学 ): Hyderabad, India Corresponding author: Yellamaraju ...
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Plant Biotechnol J:青稞“Zangqing320”三代测序基因组
2017-10-11 08:33
Assembly and analysis of a qingke reference genome demonstrate its close genetic relation to modern cultivated barley First author: Fei Dai ; Affiliations: Zhejiang University ( 浙江大学 ): Hangzhou, China Corresponding author: Chengdao Li; Guoping Zhang ( 张 ...
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Molecular Plant:HL6与OsWOX3B互作调控水稻表皮毛的形成
2017-10-10 07:16
Hairy Leaf 6, an AP2/ERF transcription factor, interacts with OsWOX3B and regulates trichome formation in rice First author: Wenqiang Sun ; Affiliations: Huazhong Agricultural University (华中农业大学 作物遗传改良国家重点实验室 ): Wuhan , China Corresponding author: ...
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Plant Cell:拟南芥中CAMTA介导的SA免疫通路基因抑制的解除
2017-10-9 08:44
CAMTA-Mediated Regulation of Salicylic Acid Immunity Pathway Genes in Arabidopsis Exposed to Low Temperature and Pathogen Infection First author: Yong Sig Kim ; Affiliations: Michigan State University ( 密歇根州立大学 ): East Lansing , USA Corresponding author: Mi ...
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