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分享 Molecular Plants:橡胶基因组
2019-12-14 17:56
The Chromosome-based Rubber Tree Genome Provides New Insights into Spurge Genome Evolution and Rubber Biosynthesis First author: Jin Liu ; Affiliations: Yunnan Institute of Tropical Crops ( 云南热带作物研究所 ): Jinghong, China Corresponding author: ...
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分享 Nature Communications:冬瓜基因组
2019-12-13 16:00
The wax gourd genomes offer insights into the genetic diversity and ancestral cucurbit karyotype First author: Dasen Xie ; Affiliations: Vegetable Research Institute, Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences ( 广东省农科院蔬菜所 ): Guangzhou, China Corres ...
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分享 Plant Biotechnology Journal:香菜基因组
2019-12-12 17:12
Deciphering the High Quality Genome Sequence of Coriander that Causes Controversial Feelings First author: Xiaoming Song ; Affiliations: North China University of Science and Technology ( 华北理工大学 ): Tangshan, China Corresponding author: Xiyin ...
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分享 PNAS:拟南芥中作用于微管成核的功能性γ-微管蛋白复合物
2019-12-11 16:09
The γ-tubulin complex protein GCP6 is crucial for spindle morphogenesis but not essential for microtubule reorganization in Arabidopsis First author: Huiying Miao ; Affiliations: University of California, Davis ( 加州大学戴维斯分校 ) : Davis,US ...
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分享 Plant Physiology:拟南芥LAZY1基因调控茎秆重力响应方向的分子机制
2019-12-10 16:01
Switching the direction of stem gravitropism by altering two amino acids in AtLAZY1 First author: Takeshi Yoshihara ; Affiliations: University of Wisconsin ( 威斯康星大学 ) : Madison,US C orresponding author: Edgar P. Spalding ...
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分享 Nature Communications:玉米分蘖决定基因
2019-12-9 15:05
The tin1 gene retains the function of promoting tillering in maize First author: Xuan Zhang ; Affiliations: China Agricultural University ( 中国农业大学 ) : Beijing,China C orresponding author: Zhongwei Lin Swee ...
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分享 Nature Communications:拟南芥干细胞分裂调控因子
2019-12-8 17:48
Stem-cell-ubiquitous genes spatiotemporally coordinate division through regulation of stem-cell-specific gene networks First author: Natalie M. Clark ; Affiliations: North Carolina State University ( 北卡罗来纳州立大学 ): Raleigh, US Corresponding author: ...
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分享 Current Biology:冬季油菜的春化作用和成花转变
2019-12-7 18:14
Vernalization and Floral Transition in Autumn Drive Winter Annual Life History in Oilseed Rape First author: Carmel M. O’Neill ; Affiliations: John Innes Centre ( 约翰英纳斯中心 ): Norwich, UK Corresponding author: Steven Penfield Plants ...
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分享 Molecular Plant:miR1885调控芸苔属植物的生长和免疫平衡
2019-12-6 16:06
A Brassica miRNA Regulates Plant Growth and Immunity through Distinct Modes of Action First author: Chen Cui ; Affiliations: CAS Institute of Microbiology ( 中科院微生物研究所 ) : Beijing , China C orresponding author: ...
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分享 the plant journal:拟南芥CO-FKBP12互作作用于光周期开花
2019-12-5 16:55
CONSTANS–FKBP12 interaction contributes to modulation of photoperiodic flowering in Arabidopsis First author: Gloria Serrano‐Bueno ; Affiliations: CSIC- Universidad de Sevilla(高等科学研究理事会-塞维利亚大学) : Sevilla, Spain C orresponding author: &nb ...
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