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2021-6-14 00:20
Repression by the Arabidopsis TOPLESS corepressor requires association with the core Mediator complex 第一作者 : ...
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Current Biology:拟南芥KATANIN和CLASP在不同层面上,介导微管对于机械压力的响应
2021-6-13 19:20
KATANIN and CLASP function at different spatial scales to mediate microtubule response to mechanical stress in Arabidopsis cotyledons 第一 ...
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Molecular Plant:拟南芥YABBY转录因子INO通过限制发育种子的铁积累,保证生殖成功
2021-6-12 09:25
Restriction of Iron Loading into Developing Seeds by A YABBY Transcription Factor Safeguards Successful Reproduction in Arabidopsis 第一作者 ...
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Nature Communications:HSFA2/HSFA3异聚复合物介导热胁迫后的转录记忆
2021-6-11 22:50
Heteromeric HSFA2/HSFA3 complexes drive transcriptional memory after heat stress in Arabidopsis 第一作者 : ...
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Communications Biology:枸杞基因组
2021-6-10 08:58
Wolfberry genomes and the evolution of Lycium (Solanaceae) 第一作者 : ...
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2021-6-9 23:07
An ABA-GA bistable switch can account for natural variation in the variability of Arabidopsis seed germination time 第一作者 : ...
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Nature Communications:TNL受体免疫中,NRG1与EDS1和SAG101存在效应物识别依赖互作
2021-6-8 14:19
Pathogen effector recognition-dependent association of NRG1 with EDS1 and SAG101 in TNL receptor immunity 第一作者 : ...
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Molecular Plant:scRNA-seq重建拟南芥侧根形成的形态发生
2021-6-7 08:45
Reconstruction of Lateral Root Formation Through Single-Cell RNA-seq Reveals Order of Tissue Initiation 第一作者 : ...
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Nature Communications:黄连基因组揭示原小檗碱类生物碱的多样化
2021-6-6 21:02
Analysis of the Coptis chinensis genome reveals the diversification of protoberberine-type alkaloids 第一作者 : ...
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Nature Plants:单核RNA测序揭示拟南芥胚乳中的亲本印记表达
2021-6-5 08:52
Transcriptional and imprinting complexity in Arabidopsis seeds at single-nucleus resolution 第一作者 : ...
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