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Science Advance:拟南芥SK12蛋白通过CONSTANS调控开花

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SHAGGY-like kinase 12 regulates flowering through mediating CONSTANS stability in Arabidopsis

第一作者Ying Chen


通讯作者Lisha Shen


背景回顾Photoperiod is a major environmental cue that determines the floral transition from vegetative to reproductive development in flowering plants. Arabidopsis thaliana responds to photoperiodic signals mainly through a central regulator CONSTANS (CO).

提出问题:Although it has been suggested that phosphorylation of CO contributes to its role in photoperiodic control of flowering, how this is regulated so far remains unknown.

主要发现:Here, we report that a glycogen synthase kinase-3 member, SHAGGY-like kinase 12 (SK12), plays an important role in preventing precocious flowering through phosphorylating CO.

功能鉴定:Loss of function of SK12 causes early flowering. SK12 expression in seedlings is decreased during the floral transition, and its expression in vascular tissues is required for repressing flowering. SK12 interacts with and phosphorylates CO at threonine 119, thus facilitating CO degradation.

结论:Our findings suggest that site-specific phosphorylation of CO by SK12 is critical for modulating the photoperiodic output for the floral induction in Arabidopsis.

A model describing regulation of flowering time by site-specific phosphorylation of CO mediated by SK12. SK12 is highly expressed at the vegetative phase and specifically phosphorylates CO at T119, which promotes CO degradation at the vegetative stage, thus precisely controlling the timing of floral transition in Arabidopsis.

 摘  要 

光周期是一个决定有花植物从营养生长向生殖生长转变,即成花转变的主要环境因子。拟南芥主要通过一个中心调控因子CONSTANS(CO)来响应光周期信号。尽管有研究显示CONSTANS的磷酸化作用于其光周期开花调控的功能,但具体是如何调控的还不清楚。本文中,作者报道了一个糖原合酶激酶SHAGGY-like kinase 12(SK12)通过磷酸化CO来防止植物过早开花。SK12基因的功能缺失会导致植株早花。拟南芥植株幼苗在成花转变时SK12基因的表达降低,并且其在维管组织中的表达是抑制开花所必须的。SK12能够与CO互作,并且磷酸化CO上119号位的苏氨酸,因此促进CO蛋白的降解。本文的发现揭示了拟南芥中SK12介导的CO蛋白位点特异性磷酸化对于光周期诱导的成花转变调控至关重要。


**Lisha Shen**






doi: 10.1126/sciadv.aaw0413

Journal: Science Advance

Published date: June 12, 2020


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