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Plant Physiology:乙烯受体信号通过非经典通路调控ABA响应 2017-11-22
Ethylene receptors signal via a non-canonical pathway to regulate abscisic acid responses First author: Arkadipta Bakshi ; Affili ...
the plant journal:拟南芥ELF3基因介导盐胁迫抗性 2017-11-21
Arabidopsis EARLY FLOWERING3 increases salt tolerance by suppressing salt stress response pathways First author: Yasuhito Sakura ...
Plant Biotechnol J:杨树PtrHB4基因参与束间形成层的发育 2017-11-20
A HD-ZIP III gene, PtrHB4, is required for interfascicular cambium development in Populus First author: Yingying Zhu ; ...
J EXP BOT:拟南芥开花时间的转录调控 2017-11-19
Arabidopsis inositol polyphosphate multikinase delays flowering time through mediating transcriptional activation of FLOWERING LOCUS C ...
Nature Biotechnology:转录组组装新方法Scallop 2017-11-18
Accurate assembly of transcripts through phase-preserving graph decomposition First author: Mingfu Shao ; Affiliations: Carnegi ...
Nature:节节麦基因组 2017-11-17
Genome sequence of the progenitor of the wheat D genome Aegilops tauschii First author: Ming-Cheng Luo ; Affiliations: Univ ...
the plant journal:MKK4/MKK5-MPK6级联调控拟南芥的胚胎发生 2017-11-16
Maternal control of embryogenesis by MPK6 and its upstream MKK4/MKK5 in Arabidopsis First author: Mengmeng Zhang ; Affiliations: ...
New Phytologist:杨树基因滲入提高适应性性状的群体遗传变异 2017-11-15
Introgression from Populus balsamifera underlies adaptively significant variation and range boundaries in P. trichocarpa First a ...


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