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(14) Sun, T.; Wang, J.; Qiu, C. T.; Ling, X.; Tian, B. B.; Chen, W.; Su, C. L.* B, N Co-doped and Defect-rich Nanocarbon Material as a Metal-free Bifunctional Electrocatalyst for Oxygen Reduction and Evolution Reactions. Adv. Sci., 2018, DOI: 10.1002/advs.201800036.

(13) Liu, C. B.; Chen, Z. X; Su, C. L.* etc. Controllable  Deuteration  of  Halogenated Compounds  by  Photocatalytic D2O Splitting. Nat. Commun., 2018, 9, 80. DOI: 10.1038/s41467-017-02551-8.


(12)Sun, T.; Tian, B. B. ; Lu, J.; Su, C. L.* Recent  advances  in  Fe (or Co)/N/C  electrocatalysts  for  the oxygen  reduction reaction in polymer electrolyte  membrane fuel cells. J. Mater. Chem. A,  2017, 5, 18933-18950 (通讯作者,IF, 8.867)

   Graphical abstract:Recent advances in Fe (or Co)/N/C electrocatalysts for the oxygen reduction reaction in polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells

, B. B.; , W.; , K.; , Z. X.; , S. J. R.; , C. X.; , G. H.;, W.; S, C. L.; , G. Y.; Phase Transformations in TiS2 during K Intercalation. ACS Energy Lett., 2017, 2 (8), pp 1835–1840


(10)Peng, C. X.; Ning, G. H.; Su, J.; Zhong, G. M.; Tang, W.; Tian, B. B.; Su, C. L.;Yu, D. Y.; Zu, L. H.; Yang, J. H.; Ng, M. F.; Hu, Y. S.; Yang, Y.; Armand, M.; Loh, K. P. Reversible multi-electron  redox chemistry of π-conjugated N-containing heteroaromatic molecule-based  organic  cathodes. Nature Energy, 2, Article number: 17074 (2017).

(9)Ma, X. T.; Yu, L.; Su, C. L.*;  Yang, Y. Q.; Li, H.  and Xu, Q.* Efficient  Generation  of C –S Bonds via a By-Product-Promoted    Selective    Coupling   of    Alcohols,    Organic   Halides,    and  Thiourea.  Adv. Synth. Catal.2017, DOI: 10.1002/adsc.201700227 (通讯作者,IF, 6.453)

, B. B.; Ding,

, B. B.; , G. L.; , Q.; , L. M.; , W.; , Z. X.; Su, C. L. and

Su, C. L.;, T. S.; , J.; , J. J.; Tunable  Electrical  Conductivity & Magnetic Property of Two Dimensional Metal Organic Framework [Cu(TPyP)Cu2(O2CCH3)4]. ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2016 (8), 16154-16159. (IF, 7.145)


(5)Ma, X. T.; Liu, Q.;  Jiang, X. J.; Su, C. L.*; Xu, Q.*;  Efficient  synthesis  of  unsymmetrical  heteroaryl  thioethers and chalcogenides by alkali hydroxide mediated  SNAr reactions  of  heteroaryl  halides  and dichalcogenides. RSC Adv. 2016, 6, 56930-56935. (IF, 3.289) (通讯作者)

(4)Tian B. B.; Ning, G. H., Tang, W.; Peng, C. X.; Yu, D. Y.; Chen, Z. X.; Xiao, Yinglin; Su, C. L.*; Loh, K. P.* Polyquinoneimines for Lithium Storage: More than Sum of Its Parts. Mater. Horiz. 2016, 429-433. (IF, 9.095) (通讯作者)    


(3)Su, C. L.; Tandiana, R.; Ananya, S.; Tian B. B.; Tang, W.; Loh, K. P.*Visible-light Photocatalysis of Aerobic Oxidation ReactionsUsing Carbazolic Conjugated Microporous Polymers. ACS Catal. 2016, 6, 3594-3599. (IF, 9.307)

(2)Ma, X. T.; Su, C. L.;  Xu, Q.*; N-Alkylation by Hydrogen Autotransfer Reactions. Top. Curr. Chem. 2016, 374 : 27. (IF, 4.014)

(1)Yu, L.*; Huang, Y. P.; Wei, Z.; Ding, Y.; Su, C. L.*; Xu, Q.*Heck Reactions Catalyzed by Ultrasmall and Uniform Pd Nanoparticles Supported on Polyaniline. J.Org. Chem.2015, 80, 8677-8683.(通讯作者) (IF, 4.785)


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  1. Su, C. L.; Acik, M.;Takai, K.; Lu, J.; Hao, S. J.; Zheng, Y.; Wu, P. P., Bao, Q. L.; Enoki, T.;Chabal, Y. J.; Loh, K. P.* Probing the Catalytic Activity of Porous GrapheneOxide and the Origin of this Behavior. Nat. Commun. 2012 (3):1298 doi:10.1038/ncomms2315 (IF,11.329)

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  8. Su, C. L.; Huang, X.*;Liu, Q. Y.CAN−mediated HighlyRegio− and StereoSelective Oxidation of Vinylidenecyclopropanes: A Novel Methodfor the Synthesis of Unsymmetrical Divinyl Ketone and Functional EnoneDerivatives. J. Org. Chem.2008, 73, 6421. (IF, 4.785)

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  18. Balapanuru, J.; Chiu,Gordon; Su, C.L.;Na, Z.; Xu, Q. H.; Loh, K. P.* Photoactive PDI-Cobalt Complex immobilizedon Reduced Graphene Oxide for Photo-electrochemical Water Splitting.ACS App. Mater. & Inter.2015, 880-886 (IF, 7.145)

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  21. Su, C. L.; Loh, K. P.PorousGraphene Oxide Materials. (US 9180442B2)

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