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2009-12-21 12:03
Note: some readers hope to read the translated version. But till now, I haven't got it yet. I'll try to translate them part by part --Waterlilyqd. The Thomson Reuters Journal Selection Process 汤森路透集团的选刊过程 &n ...
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翻译:一棵开花的树 A blossoming tree
2009-10-30 08:42
作者:席慕容(中文)  翻译:邱敦莲(英文) 如何让你遇见我 在我最美丽的时刻 为这 我已在佛前求了五百年 求佛让我们结一段尘缘 佛於是把我化做一棵树 长在你必经的路旁 How can I let you see me while I am in my most beautiful moment? ...
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2009-10-26 19:48
I found this from one web, hope it could have some use for some friends ! 2008年SCI收录期刊3754种点击查看:(按字顺排)http://mjl.clarivate.com/cgi-bin/jrnlst/jlresults.cgi?PC=K点击查看:(按分类排) http://www.isinet.com/cgi-bin/jrnlst/jlsub ...
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通讯作者和第一作者 谁更重要?
热度 1 2009-10-19 11:43
Who is more important in an article, the corresponding author or the first author? It seems no one can answer this question certainly. In most people's mind, the first author is the most important author in one article. He/she should be responsible for the whole process from material collecti ...
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2009-10-15 18:58
贴一篇过去写的旧文在此与大家分享。因为这个话题仍是科学网很多学者和广大科技人员所关心和关注的问题。 《成都商报》 2008 年 1 月 14 日国内版在 “ 中科院新任院士被指抄袭 ” 一文中报道:福建省农业科学院院长于2007年12月27日被宣布增选为中国科学院院士 ...
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The Law of the Seed
2009-10-15 11:02
In searching the seed laws in different countries by google, instead, I got one small article in one net about the Law of the Seed . It tells about the natural law of the seeds, and the life philosophy. I copied it here to share with you. From ...
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天上不会掉馅饼: 我收到的几封英文诈骗信
热度 7 2009-9-27 11:57
There is no pie from the Sky--several swindling letters I am sure many peoplehave oncereceived such swindling letters. In&nb ...
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how do I do translation
2009-9-25 14:42
Reading one article about the improper translation, I learnt much. Then I wrote out the method thatI did translation. I usually take the following several steps to do translation: One, read the book or articles quickly and grasp the main idea; Two, read the to-be-translated paragrap ...
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怎样写英文投稿信?How to write cover letters
2009-9-24 18:59
A cover letter is the one you write to the editorial board of the journals when you submit your manuscript. One cover letter generally should include the following parts: (1)The correspondence information of the correspondent; (2)The title of the manuscript, the numbers of ...
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First time to write sth here
2009-9-24 16:16
When I searched one article by google, I found the sciencenet and read many good articles. Then I decided to open a blog on the sciencenet too. Today after I searched one friend's information on the net, I then decided to make a detailed plan and work harder. More time on work and work-rel ...
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