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COPE-Publication Ethics Audit
2017-3-3 16:27
  COPE   provide a flowchart for editors to audit a journal's publication ethics. The whole system is complicated. Here, I only list some of them and the more detailed information can be found at http://publicationethics.org/about/guide. 1. A ...
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热度 7 2016-12-16 19:56
文章一旦被接收了,是不是就一定会发表呢?不一定!即使文章已经发表了,也有可能会被撤销。 在以下几种情况下,我们会给已经发接收函的文章作者发信说明文章不予发表: 1.稿件接收后,发现作者有一稿多投的情况。一般情况下,在正式发表前,我们会对稿件再作一次Crosscheck检测,一稿多投并且已经发表的文章很 ...
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2016-12-15 12:17
【 中国科学报 】青山不老 追梦不息--成都山地所建所50周年巡礼(上)       【 中国科学报 】率先行动 风头正劲--成都山地所建所50周年巡礼(中) 【 中国科学报 】再聚创新力 奔向主战场--成都山地所建所50周年巡礼(下  ...
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投稿到Journal of Mountain Science的一篇文章的初审意见
2016-12-13 19:11
I know the initial review in most Chinese journals are conducted by the editorial staffs. In 2014, when we visited AAAS, the associate editor of Science said the initial review of Science was conducted by scientists. About one third of manuscripts will be rejected after this sta ...
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热度 2 2016-11-18 20:20
9 small things you do that people use to judge your personality 翻译:邱敦莲 From the moment two people meet, they're sizing each other up. Whether it's a date or a job interview, the small stuff matters — from the firmness of your handshake to your taste in music. ...
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How To Write the Names of Deceased Persons
2016-11-9 18:18
Many Chinese editors are hard to decide how to write the names of deceased authors or editorial members. If it is published in Chinese, usually the names of the deceased persons are blackly framed. But it is published in Engish, how to deal with it? I read a web artilce about How To Write ...
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