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请不要在英文学术论文中用"At home and abroad"
热度 2 2013-9-22 10:35
请不要在英语学术论文中用At home and abroad. At least in the Journal of Mountain Science, this expression at home and abroad is not acceptable. I have repeated several times that the JMS is an international English journal. Its readers are not limited in Chinese. They are distribute ...
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How to Write the Abstract
2013-7-1 19:30
Abstract is very important for a paper. Readers may first read the abstract and then decide whether they'll continue to read the whole paper. When we invite the reviewers, we only send the abstract to them and wait for their reply. If the reviewers read a badly-written abstract, ...
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科技论文撰写与投稿 Paper preparation and submission--PPT
热度 2 2012-7-17 12:00
In order to share my experience as an editor, I prepare a ppt on scientific writing (especially in the preparation of figures, tables, references) and submission, and how to respond to the comments from reviewers, edtiors. If it can be of any help to some people, I'll be very happy. &nb ...
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稿件退稿的原因分析 Reasons that manuscripts are rejected
2012-6-4 17:35
All manuscripts submitted to the Journal of Mountain Science (JMS) will besubjected to crosschecking, and then assigned to Scientific Editors (SE) for initial review. SE will make three types of recommendation:(1) Rejection; (2)Revision; (3) sent out for peer-review. After that, the manuscri ...
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热度 6 2012-5-13 22:11
Several common issues in English papers written by Chinese Authors 1. 不按投稿要求准备稿件 Manuscripts are not prepared according to the requirements of the object journals. This phenomenon is very common, especially in literatu ...
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热度 4 2012-2-28 19:09
How towrite the acknowledgement in a paper? Acknowledgement can be an important part of a paper too. Those who have in any wayplayed an importantrole in assisting the accomplishment of the paper but not important enoughto beone of the authors ...
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通讯作者和第一作者 谁更重要?
热度 1 2009-10-19 11:43
Who is more important in an article, the corresponding author or the first author? It seems no one can answer this question certainly. In most people's mind, the first author is the most important author in one article. He/she should be responsible for the whole process from material collecti ...
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怎样写英文投稿信?How to write cover letters
2009-9-24 18:59
A cover letter is the one you write to the editorial board of the journals when you submit your manuscript. One cover letter generally should include the following parts: (1)The correspondence information of the correspondent; (2)The title of the manuscript, the numbers of ...
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