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How to make a good impression?
2012-12-1 09:27
Opening my Yahoo Knowledge School webpage, I found out this answer to someone's question "How to make a good impression?" I just wrote several simple sentences to this question (which was written several years ago). The following is my answer. 1. Dress properly and comfortably. 2. Have c ...
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My colleague told us her story on how she and her husbandincrease GDP by massaging each other. Husband to wife: Ifeel a little uncomfortable on my back, could you please have a massage for me? After the wife had a massage for her husband, the husband kid ...
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Wish everyone a bright and prosperous 2012
2012-1-3 10:50
Wish everyone a bright and prosperous 2012
Step into the new year in a strong andpositive self-image! Face life and work in an active and positive attitude!
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That Ginko Tree on the Roadside
2011-9-10 17:32
That Ginko Tree on the Roadside
Maybe too busy, in spite of passing that road often, I didn’t notice any special thing. One day this summer, as I strolled leisurely on the same road and looked around, one ginko tree caught my eyes. It has tall and straight trunk. Its unique bright-green leaves extending ...
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--写在大学毕业二十周年之际 带着乡音 带着父母的叮咛 怀着青春的梦想 我们 结缘于风景如画的西大校园 教学楼内 图书馆中 实验室里 演讲台前 运动场上 共青团花园 校园的每一个角落 都留下我们奋 ...
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笑话: 路考中 On the road test
2011-5-3 13:48
路考时考生上车前先绕车走一圈,然后,站在司机位置外的车门旁,向考官报告:“报告!考生XXX请求上车!” 考官向考生说:“请上车!” 上车以后,考生调整好座位,系好安全带,看看左右及中间的后视镜,再用右脚轻点油门,检查完仪表是否工作正 ...
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A swindler's calling 遭遇电话骗子
2011-4-28 17:18
A swindler's calling 遭遇电话骗子
There are various kinds of swindlers nowadays: some useinternet, some use telephones(mobiles). Several days ago one man called my mobile with a gentle voice (haha!!) and asked me what I was doing. At first I had thougth it was one of my aquaintances,but I wa ...
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Dream and reality
2011-3-23 10:51
Dream and reality
Distance always exists between dream and reality Dream is beautiful But reality is cruel Dream is sweet But reality is bitter &n ...
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Make sentences with the word "Love"
2011-3-23 10:33
Peopleuse the word LOVE much in their daily life. To have a fun,Itry to make some sentences with the word LOVE! I love U should not be used casually if you can't take the responsibility. Love is the most wonderful feeling in the world. Love is a ...
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