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I have the habit of writing diary and have persisted in this habit for many years. Sometimes it's just the daily record of what has happened, sometimes are my observation and thinking on life. I also like to wrtite freely. Those records or the thought sparking at that moment are so dear to me when I read them once again. They can't be repeated any more. My memory is often overflowed that I can't recall my high school classmates, and even some classmates ten years ago, let alone my primary classmates. My father said he could still remember his primary classmates, and could even recite their names. He is 25 years older than me. So my memory is really becoming worse and worse. But I argues with my father that it's because I have too many classmates and schoolmates because of studying in several different schools, I have too many colleagues because of work transfer, I have too many counterparts around China because of work exchange and cooperation. So the memory in my brain is continuously carved and washed, and then carved again. At present, I never try to remember something. I just write down what I'll do some day or set reminder in my mobile phone or list them in the work record notebooks. So it's no wonder I'll be moved by myself when I read my past writing. They are so vivid, so true,so youthful. They remind me of my youth, my happiness, also my struggle time.

Life can not repeat, so try to play every day well and record the wonderful parts!  


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