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针对最近投到Journal of Mountain Science的文章被退回的问题

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     自从今年中期我们对作者指南(Guide to Authors)进行全面的修改后,增加了对作者的学术道德进行规范和作者对利益相关方和利益冲突方进行申明的内容。我们发现,有不少文章被退回(unsumbitted),主要是由于以下原因:

     1. 在投稿系统中没有填写所有作者的信息,往往只填第一作者或者是投稿作者的信息。

     2. 没有递交所有作者签名的Cover letter。

     3. 没有按照要求提交WORD文档,而是提交的PDF文档,或者提交的图表和文件不完整。






Journal of Mountain Science -  MS 14-XXXX has been unsubmitted


Dear Dr.XXX:

Your manuscript, (Document not available), entitled "(Document not available)" has been unsubmitted to the Journal of Mountain Science.  It may either have been unsubmitted at your request or because you did not complete all necessary parts of the submission.(SEE the specific requirements below this letter)

Please visit the instructions to authors to complete your submission and re-submit the manuscript for consideration of publication.  You may contact the Editorial Office if you have further questions.

Journal of Mountain Science Editorial Office

Check whether you have submitted the required files and filled in the necessary information:
1. Fill in all authors' information in the online manuscript system, including the author name, affiliation, and his email address.
2. Write a cover letter to briefly explain the novelty of the submitted paper and make statement about whether the authors have any interest confllct with related persons or companies or whehter certain persons should be excluded from the potential reviewers.
Each author should sign his/her name on the cover letter to show that each author has given due care about the manuscript and agreed the submission to the Journal of Mountain Science.
(If authors are from different parts of the world, you can scan the cover letter with the first atuhor's signature and send it to other authors to sign and scanned)

3. Upload WORD document for the main body of the manuscript so that it can be editable. The figures and tables can be embedded in the main document in one file if the file is less than 20 M. However, if the manuscript has many large figures, we suggest the author donot embed the figures in the main document but in a separate file or separate files.

Journal of Mountain Science
 Institute of Mountain Hazards and Environment,CAS
 P.O.Box 417
 No.16,South Sect.2, the 1st Ring Road (Yihuanlu)
 Chengdu  610041, China
 E-mail: jms@imde.ac.cn



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