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New Year Resolution

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This is the second day of the 2014. Many people make resolutions at the beginning of a new year, such as, get up immediately after wakeup, lose weight, exercise more, stay more with our family, establish sound relationship with some peope, write and publish papers or books, travel around the world or so on. But many of them have never been realized for many reasons. Some are the limitation of the conditions, but most of them are due to our impersistence, and our lack of willingness.

If no outerior force, no measurable measures, all our resolutions will be changed into bubbles. We can write out our new year resolution and pasted in our blog or some places that can be seen by more people and thus be monitored by other people or just pasted on our bedroom' s wall to remind us every day. Most importantly, we should have a reasonable goal, and the resolutions should not be too gerenal but specific and concrete, and they are better measurable. For example, if we want to lose weight in 2014, we should set a goal how many kilos we hope to be lost in this year, what measures should be take? Eat less or do more physical exercise? Then it's better for us to decide to eat less for lunch or supper, if it's supper, eating less half of third of the food or never eating any extra cookies except the dinner, and so on. If we hope to lose weight by doing physical exercise, what kinds of exercise we decide to do, how often we do it and how long it will last each time. Have a list of these. Most importantly, tell our family or our friends my resolutions, and have their support and monitoring.

Today is the first day for me to start my new year resolutions. I make promises to get up immediately after the alarm rings, write an article in English every day, do more exercise to keep fit.

So I set the alarm at 7 o'clock. When the alarm rang, I jumped up from the bed immediately and quickly did all the things that should be done in the morning. I hope I could leave home for office before 8 o'clock. I left home at 7:50 and rode a bicycle for about 35 minutes and arrived at the office earlier than the usual, then start the daily affairs and the blog writing.

It's a really good beginning. I hope I can persist in this in 2014!

Just in this way to begin my new year and also wish every friend here can enjoy your life and realize your dreams in 2014!  


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