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预测:影响因子迅速飙升的神刊"Disaster Advances"明年会出局!

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  一年间,Disaster Advances的影响因子一下从0.692飙升到2.272而成为印度期刊中影响因子最高的期刊, 学科排位从Q4上升到Q2和Q1!这是怎样一种不可能的情形,但是,这个期刊做到了!

   对准备向Disaster Advances投稿的人员提一个醒: 如果文章今年没能刊登而留到明年刊出, 则有可能遭遇该刊被踢出SCI或者没有影响因子的尴尬(该刊用于计算2012年影响因子的自引率高达84%)!



 This afternoon, one colleague asked me to check the 2011  IMPACT FACTOR of the journal DISASTER ADVANCES because he found its 2012 IMPACT FACTOR has surged to 2.272 from last year's IF=0.692.  What an amazing progress for a journal!

However, nothing worth to admire if it's just impact factor surge! I analyzed its self cites used to calculate impact factor and found 375 cites  (84%) of the total 443 cites are self-cited. If the self cites are substracted, then the impact factor will be lower than 0.500.




This journal's self cites used to calculate 2011 IMPACT FACTR account for 69% of the total cites.

If a journal has high self cites in consecutive years, then the chance to be removed from the SCI journal list wil be very high!


The detailed information for this journal is as follows:


Full Journal Title: Disaster Advances  

ISO Abbrev. Title: Disaster Adv.  
JCR Abbrev. Title: DISASTER ADV  
ISSN: 0974-262X  
Issues/Year: 4  
Language: ENGLISH  
Journal Country/Territory: INDIA  
Publisher Address: SECTOR AG-80, SCHEME NO 54, VIJAY NAGAR, A B RD, INDORE 452010, INDIA

Eigenfactor® Score 0.00034
Article Influence® Score  0.076



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