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In the  New year's month, making a resolution is what many people do. Reading one article I wrote ten years ago, it seems it still has value for today.  


A man with no persistent spirit often makes resolutions. Maybe I am one of them. I make resolutions every new year, and have a plan for one year, one month or one week,  and make review on the past year,  the past month,  even the past week. But it seems I have never finished those tasks listed in the plan on time. I made those resolutions or plans just to remind me of the urgent time and of hurrying up my work.

Then why can't I fufil my resolution and finish the planned task? Maybe it's due to the following several reasons:

One, too much ideas and thought for the future and then make too many  goals and assign too many tasks for the specified future days.

Two, easily be attracted by many things and then forget the planned tasks.

Three, unreasonable time schedule.

Four, too lazy, too much playing and travelling, don't want overwork.

Five, want to be a perfect person in everything but in the end nothing is perfectly done.

Now, I make an another resolution too: find the solutions to the above problems.

One,  make a concrete plan for the near 7 months.

Two, make priority on the most important task.

Three, persist in the difficult jobs, finish them step by step.

Four, spend less time on playing, more time on studying and writing.

Five, discuss more with the counterparts and my classmates to get their help.

Written on 2009-09-27 11:17:18




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