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A walk in the rain along the Thousand-Island Lake

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No, this is not the whole story of the Thousand-Island Lake. But, this is what I chose to remember...

Lin MM, there is no need to cry. These flowers are still beautiful...

Sometimes, it's better NOT to know, or see.

I have heard about the Thousand-Island Lake for years, and wanted to see with my own eyes. My brother, who goes there every month, told me there was nothing to see. I, of course, did not buy it. Finally, he said he would take me (and two other visitors) to the lake. I was thrilled: finally!

The highway to the Thousand-Island Lake was beautiful, or the planted trees were, though the air was less than desirable. After more than two hours, we were there! Immediately, I saw the water level was low, which, accoding to my brother, was lowered in preparation for the upcoming rainy season. We checked in the Holiday Inn there, and immediately headed out for lunch. I heard so much about fish dishes served at a small restaurant my brother frequented, and had to agree with him that it's the best fish one can find. My brother kept on offering me fish, because he wanted to make up for the meats I could not eat while in China. The afternoon was hot, so I followed my brother's advice and stayed in.

I didn't go out until after dinner, when my visitors led me to the Board Walk by the lake. The walk reminded me of those in the US, or Singapore. In that sense, China is no different from these countries. However, the devil is in the detail. Smokers were everywhere. The darkness covered the lake, and many other little things. Over all, it was a nice walk.

The next morning, my visitors went for the lake cruise, and I again stayed behind. It was rainy, and I wanted until the rain stopped to have a walk along the same route. What a difference day and night can make. I tried to enjoy every little beautiful thing, and I did. I took two photos only during the whole trip, and these are for the keeping.  

Yes, my brother is right, because he is from the West Lake. So, if you have never been to the Thousand-Island Lake, go there, before you see my beautiful West Lake...

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