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Mooncake with egg yolks and bird flu

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One year, I told my relatives in Guangzhou not to give me any mooncakes with egg yolks inside. Upon arrival, the x-ray at the Honolulu Airport revealed some mooncakes contained egg yolks, and the officer confiscated the delicious pastries out of the fear of bird flu.
There were lots of mooncakes at the Taoyuan Airport, but I was not going to buy any because I could buy them here in Honolulu, especially the ones with egg yolks inside. However, I could not resist the Egg Yolk Puff Pastry (蛋黃酥), which my son and I had in Guangzhou this summer for the first time and loved it. So, I bought a box of eight pieces, thinking I would eat three during the 10-hour trip and let the rest take a chance.
I claimed "no food" on my Custom Form, thinking snacks are ... just snacks. Well, the officer knew better. So, I had to confess I brought some Pineapple Pastry ... (but he could not see the three dots). He knew what Taiwanese Pineapple Pastries were because he had some before. The officer noted on my form: "yes" for food (instead of "no") and added "Pineapple cake." I was sent to an x-ray machine as a result. As I put the duty free bag through the machine, I felt sorry for not being able to eat the delicious pastry. The x-ray officer saw the egg yolks, and asked me which airport I came through. I said Taiwan. He decided I should keep these tasty egg yolks.
The adventure did not end there. I was so happy, feeling lucky. Without paying any attention, I followed a crowd to exit, but the officer who just took my Custom Form called out loudly: "STOP! COME BACK!" I thought: "Shxt, he won't let me keep the egg yolks after all." It turned out that I was in the wrong exit (for tour groups), because I was in such a hurry to get away from these uniformed officers.
I am sure I lost quite a few brain cells over these egg yolks. I should never let my mouth make any stupid decisions again.
From wikipedia:
蛋黃酥 (台灣)
Egg Yolk Pastry (Taiwan)
It is a kind of mooncake sold in Taiwan. In the center is an egg yolk from a salted duck egg, the middle layer is red bean paste, and the outer layer resembles puff pastry.

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