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科技英语写作基础(系列):分析abstract onmicroplastics in polar regions

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The goal is to learn how to write better.


Green highlight is used to show good writing.


Yellow means "questionable."


Microplastics in Polar Regions: The role of long range transport

评论:Better using “long-range”?




Microplastics (particles <5 mm) pose a threat to the marine ecosystem that is disproportionate to their tiny size.

评论:Better use “size < 5 mm”? 定语从句是定“threat”,所以,应该用“, which is xxx.”


They have been found in high numbers in sea water and sediments, and are interacting with organisms and the environment in a variety of ways. 


Recently their presence has been confirmed in Polar water, sediment, and sea ice. 

评论:Polar should be lower case?



We review the recent literature on microplastic distribution and transport in marine environments, primarily in the Northern Hemisphere,summarize current understanding, identify gaps in understanding, and suggest future research priorities.


评论:About the word literature.


Literature is typically used to describe a collective body of writings; as such, it takes a singular verb despite the fact it refers to many works. The word is almost always preceded by an adjective or attributive noun to identify a specific body of works:

English literature

scientific literature

product literature (archaic)

Literature also connotes writings of higher quality within the category and can be used in a plural form, literatures, but is rarely called for.


因为是讲极地,可以用“in the Arctic Ocean”? 

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