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科技英语写作基础(系列):分析abstract on microplastic effects

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What we know and what we think we know about microplastic effects – A critical perspective

Available online 13 December 2017.

This review comes from a themed issue on Micro and NanoplasticsEdited by Dr. Teresa A.P. Rocha-Santos




• Microplastics (MP) and natural mineral particles induce similar effects in biota.

• Flawed experimental designs preclude diagnostics of MP-specific effects.

• Reference particles must be used to identify MP-specific effects in experiments.

• MP impacts should be assessed based on ecological soundness.




Microplastic pollution is currently perceived as an environmental hazard, and adverse effects have been reported at various levels of biological organization


评论:The word “currently”may not be needed? How recent is “currently”? A missing word of “its”for its adverse effects?


However, most experimental designs do not allow plastic-specific effects to be distinguished from those caused by other particles, such as clay and cellulose, which are naturally ubiquitous in the environment

评论:Delete “in the environment”?


We suggest that microplastic effects reported in recent ecotoxicological studies are similar to those induced by the natural particles.

评论:Suggest? I would use “find.” Not sure “the” is needed.


To provide a sound basis for risk assessment, experimental designs must not only be able to disentangle the effects of food limitation and particle toxicity but also demonstrate whether microplastics cause impacts that differ from those induced by natural particles.

评论:Too long! I also prefer no “the” in “by natural particles.”

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