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科技英语写作基础(系列):分析abstract on quantum teleportation

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Super sensitivity and super resolution with quantum teleportation

[1] We propose a method for quantum enhanced phase estimation based on continuous variable (CV) quantum teleportation. 





[2] The phase shift probed by a coherent state can be enhanced by repeatedly teleporting the state back to interact with the phase shift again using a supply of two-mode squeezed vacuum states. 

评论:我太外行,不知道two-mode是否应该是two mode,因为后面有states


[3] In this way a sequential protocol exhibiting both super-resolution and super-sensitivity can be obtained due to the coherent addition of the phase shift. 

评论:In this way后面加个逗号吧?我不太喜欢这里的due to


[4] The protocol enables Heisenberg-limited sensitivity and super-resolution given sufficiently strong squeezing. 

评论:感觉Heisenberg-limited sensitivity应该是Heisenberg-limited-sensitivity


[5] The proposed method could be implemented with current or near-term technology of CV teleportation.


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