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科技英语写作基础(系列):分析abstract on quantum coherence(附“好好学习”)

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The role of quantum coherence in non-equilibrium entropy production


【1】Thermodynamic irreversibility is well characterized by the entropy production arising from non-equilibrium quantum processes. 


好好学习:characterized by, arising from


【2】We show that the entropy production of a quantum system undergoing open-system dynamics can be formally split into a term that only depends on population unbalances, and one that is underpinned by quantum coherences. 


评论:split into a term that…, and one that…不如split into two terms, one that …, and the other that….


【3】This allows us to identify a genuine quantum contribution to the entropy production in non-equilibrium quantum processes. 


【4】We discuss how these features emerge both in Lindblad-Davies differential maps and finite maps subject to the constraints of thermal operations. 


好好学习:subject to the constraints of


【5】We also show how this separation naturally leads to two independent entropic conservation laws for the global system-environment dynamics, one referring to the redistribution of populations between system and environment and the other describing how the coherence initially present in the system is distributed into local coherences in the environment and non-local coherences in the system-environment state. 

评论:有点长。我会在and the other前面加个逗号

【6】Finally, we discuss how the processing of quantum coherences and the incompatibility of non-commuting measurements leads to fundamental limitations in the description of quantum trajectories and fluctuation theorems.

评论:lead to



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