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科技英语写作基础(系列):分析abstract on misinformation(附“好好学习”)

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Evidence-based strategies to combat scientific misinformation



[1] Nowhere has the impact of scientific misinformation been more profound than on the issue of climate change in the United States.


评论:”scientific misinformation” 怪怪的。我会用misinformation on the issue of climate changeNowhere has the impact of misinformation on the issue of climate change been more profound than in the United States.


好好学习:Nowhere hasmore profound than


[2] Effective responses to this multifaceted problem have been slow to develop, in large part because many experts have not only underestimated its impact, but have also overlooked the underlying institutional structure, organizational power and financial roots of misinformation. 


评论:but have also overlooked不需要have

作者用“a, b and c”(format)


好好学习:multifaceted problemin large partoverlooked the underlying


[3] Fortunately, a growing body of sophisticated research has emerged that can help us to better understand these dynamics and provide the basis for developing a coordinated set of strategies across four related areas (public inoculation, legal strategies, political mechanisms and financial transparency) to thwart large-scale misinformation campaigns before they begin, or after they have taken root.


评论:这里用Fortunately转折比用However好。help us to better understand不需要to。作者用“a, b, c and d”(format)。这个句子太长了。我会在these dynamics后面用句号。


好好学习:a growing body ofprovide the basis fora coordinated set of strategiesacross four related areasafter they have taken root



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